Politically-Correct CNN Ignores Science, Declaring Monkeypox Is NOT a Sexually-Transmitted Infection

Let’s get to the point. CNN, The Most Trusted Name In News, can fire any liberal lapdogs it likes but it will continue to run unadulterated news crap until it catches its last breath of politically correct air.

The rest is predictable.

CNN’s national correspondent Dianne Galagher claimed that monkeypox was not a sexually transmitted infection during a segment on Monday’s New Day. There are tons of scientific evidence and facts to support this assertion.

The monkeypox celebrations were started by John Berman, the host, who looks like a deer in headlights.

The new action was taken to reduce the number of cases of monkeypox. The White House launched its pilot program over the weekend and sent 50,000 doses to LGBTQ events across the country. This morning Dianne Gallagher was in Charlotte, North Carolina. The city hosted Pride events all weekend. Dianne, what did you see?

Gallagher’s initial response was factually…

John, it’s over, but the Pride festival is just the beginning of the Biden administration’s efforts to accelerate the monkeypox vaccination and federal response to the outbreak. […]

North Carolina’s Pride Festival is the site for a pilot program by Biden to send 50,000 doses to LGBTQ-centered events like Pride around the country.

…before collapsing quickly into a pile of science-ignoring, narrative-driven crap

Transgender and men who have had sex with other people are the most common monkeypox cases. This is why the vaccine supply is being prioritized for them.

Monkeypox isn’t a sexually transmitted infection. Anyone can get it from close, skin-to-skin contact. If the Biden administration wants to make its outreach a success, it must celebrate, educate, and not discriminate.

How do you point out “misstatements”, (blank-faced lies)?

Let’s go on a short trip to the faraway land of The Mysterious Country of Facts. This is where we will be able to get away from the “mainstream” media )…

Scientific American published an August 18th article titled Monkeypox: A Sexually Transmitted Infection and Knowing That Can Protect People. The subhead reads, “In the U.S., Black men who have sex with men are most susceptible to monkeypox.”

Data from all over the globe are coming in to show that there is a clear picture of who has been affected by the recent epidemic of monkeypox (MPX). Outside Africa, 99 percent of cases were in men and 92-98 percent in self-identified men who have had sex with men.

Many of the cases in the U.S., Europe Union, and the UK have involved men living with HIV.

MPX in the U.S. is disproportionately affecting Black and Latino men who have sex with women. This racial disparity is only going to get worse if it’s not fixed, as my research shows with HIV.

It is important to understand how sexually transmitted infections work in order to be able to detect and prevent them from spreading.

Moreover? NewsBusters noted that Steven Thrasher, the article’s writer, is not homophobic, conservative, or white.

He is actually a biracial homosexual man and is a chair professor in “social justice”. He is also a past winner of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Journalists of the Year award.

Thrasher warned that people won’t be able to “name, research, prevent and address transmission” if they don’t “name, research, prevent and address how it is occurring.”

This means that it could get worse if people refuse to acknowledge how the virus was spread.


Although I am aware that Scientific American and Steven Thrasher aren’t as qualified to disseminate facts on monkeypox as CNN’s world-renowned infectious disease expert Dianne Gallagher [sarcasm matter], this episode is not the only one in which liberal media sock-puppets go too far — in the name of some left-wing narrative.