Police Seize E. Jean Carroll’s Revolver Following Testimony in Trump Trial

E. Jean Carroll was arrested in February by New York police, and they seized her gun.

On February 15th, the police chief of Warwick, N.Y., visited Carroll in her home to discuss several issues, including Carroll admitting that she had a gun during her testimony on January 17th.

Carroll testified on the second trial day in a Lower Manhattan federal courtroom that she owned a “high standard revolver with 9 chambers”. She also said, “I don’t have a license yet.”

Lewis Kaplan expressed his displeasure at the way Alina Habba questioned Carroll on the witness stand. When Carroll brought up her pistol, Kaplan told her “Don’t Start” when Habba asked Carroll if she had a license to own it.

A report by Officer John Rader states that he had offered to store the gun at the police station in a safe. Carroll and a member of her security team surrendered the gun the following day.

Under New York law, a person with a pistol who is not registered may be charged with criminal possession. A felony can carry a maximum sentence of four years. It is unclear why it took the police almost a month to question Carroll personally about her unregistered gun, whether or not they still had it, and if any charges would be brought against Carroll.

Carroll was cited for his gun ownership in an interview with The Guardian published in 2019. The interviewer said, “I accused Donald Trump of sexual assault”. I now sleep near a loaded firearm

What is the purpose of a pistol in her bedroom?

‘It’s loaded,’ Carroll says. She picks up the revolver, which has a fake pearl handle, and waves it around. ‘I’ve always had a gun,’ she says. ‘When I’m doing Skype calls with my friends, I like to pull it out. But I’ve never had it loaded. Not until now.’

A loaded gun may be required next to your bed if you are a woman who has just accused President Obama.

The jury awarded E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million in damages, which included $11 million for emotional and reputational harm, $7.3 million for other damages, and $65 million for punitive damages.

Judge Kaplan rejected the arguments made by Trump’s attorneys to dismiss the case due to Carroll’s deletion of threatening messages. Trump was found responsible for Carroll’s defamation and posted a $91.6 million bond last month to appeal that verdict. As the bond must exceed the total damages during the appeals process, it is greater than the amount of damages.

The Republican candidate for president continues his denial of all allegations against him.