Police Rescue 2 Children From Freezing Home With Overwhelming Smell of Dog Feces and Urine

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office two children were found living in filthy and disgusting conditions Wednesday morning.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office stated that deputies were sent to the address to verify that tenants were paying their rent. Before the locks were changed, they were going to ask for legal documents.

Aaron Brilbeck shared their findings with reporters.

The floors were spongy and urine-soaked. Brilbeck described the smell as a punch in your face.

The Police report that the girls lived in the 759-foot home together with their grandparents, their parents, eight dogs, and their grandparents when they were 6 and 7.

He said, “They both slept on filthy couches, their beds were so contaminated with junk, urine, and feces that they couldn’t sleep on them.”

Brilbeck stated that he was there but only briefly. He said that the girls seemed in good physical and psychological health.

The smell of urine and dog waste was overwhelming.

Inspectors found evidence of a rodent infestation in the house.

Brilbeck said that the refrigerator was unplugged and that food was not in the pantry or cupboards. The only toilet wasn’t connected to the plumbing.

Brilbeck said, “It looked as if they were heating the house using the stove. ”

Although the parents have not been charged, police said that they are continuing to investigate. The dogs and children were taken to relatives.

This is a video taken from the local news about the filthy home