Pizza-Loving New Yorker Throws Pie at City Hall in Protest of New Oven Rules

New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection released a draft regulation that targets restaurants using coal and wood-fired stoves. Even Elon Musk called it out, “This is utter bs. It won’t make a difference to climate change.”

NYC pizza is also one of the most iconic things in the city, and this could have a big impact on those businesses. It’s likely to put some of these places in real financial trouble if they have to decide whether or not they can afford to comply with this crazy rule, and it’s likely to do some of them in. For what? Because somehow doing this to the pizza ovens in NYC is going to have an impact on climate change? It’s ridiculous.

A man made his point in a very colorful way. Scott LoBaido’s Twitter profile describes him as “a Patriot- Artist Activist”. LoBaido decided to throw “a New York Pizza Party” in order to send a message to City Hall.

Warning! Graphic language

The idiots who run this city are ruining it. Yesterday we saw men in titties bouncing in the streets [for Pride celebrations], right in front of children. Crime is at its highest level ever. We have illegal immigrants invading our country, and they are treated better than homeless vets, teachers, and first responders, who were fired and not compensated because they didn’t take the Fauci shots

LoBaido criticized the city officials because they were “afraid of” pizza.

LoBaido stated, “The New Yorkers were respected for their toughness, thick skin, and grit. LoBaido threw “a New York Pizza Party.” He shouted, “Give us Pizza or give us Death!” He started throwing pizza pieces at the City Hall gate.

The police eventually arrested him and issued a summons.

It was ironic that the city didn’t care that a naked person was in front of children at the Pride event. LoBaido received more punishment for this summons than violent criminals in New York City. While social media responded positively to LoBaido, some mourned the loss of the pizza that they would have liked to have eaten.

Brooklyn Pizza Company expressed its gratitude to him.