Pete’s Hubby Chasten Buttigieg Gives the Game Away

Chasten Buttigieg is annoyed by the vile right-wingers who are a threat to all that is good. The beloved husband of Trans Pete, which is Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on Thursday with the gals. And boy, was it a big snit. According to the Trans Secretary’s better half we are living in “extremely dangerous times.” Because of the skyrocketing inflation Chinese saber-rattling? What is Old Joe’s true capacity? You silly goose. Florida has banned porn from school libraries.

The Daily Caller reported that Chasten was irritated by “the bans upon drag shows, pornographic literature from school libraries, and Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill which prohibits classroom discussion on sexuality and gender identity in kindergarten and third grade classrooms.”

Chasten, however, didn’t see it that way. He believed it was an attack on the poor, marginalized “LGBTQ community” by right-wingers, as if this community weren’t celebrated and praised in today’s arid and absurd culture. Chasten insists that they are the victims. And, of course, The View panelists agreed.

Chasten said, huffily, “It’s an extremely dangerous and upsetting time. Nothing could be more important that showing up and protecting families.” This is exactly what the bill’s authors wanted to do. Pete’s husband believes that traditional morality adherents and parents are protecting their children from the wrong people.

The other Mr. Buttigieg said: “But the manner in which they claim they’re supporting our families, this discussion about giving parents more choices, protecting children, that’s what they’ve really done. It’s been an extremely well-coordinated and well-funded effort against the LGBTQ community.”

This was carefully written to raise alarm bells for Leftists. Although Leftist groups have large budgets that are far greater than their patriotic counterparts (take, for instance, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s war chest of hundreds of millions of dollar, while no other patriotic target has anything even close to that), they prefer to present themselves as brave underdogs who fight courageously against the sinister and well-off conservatives. These conservatives decided gratuitously to “attack” the LGBTQ community. Not one word about children’s innocence. Chasten said that this “attack” was completely unprovoked.

Chasten twisted reality further: “Especially with the book bans. When you look at what these have in common. They’re extremely vulnerable kids and so you have groups that are making calculated decisions.” Who is really preying on these children? They are being pushed to sexually explicit and gender-madness by their parents, or they are protecting them.

Chasten Buttigieg is aware that victimhood is currency within our absurd society. He worked hard to make sure the purveyors were not trying to rescue the victims. He said that it was hard enough to be in school, but to be transgender in school, you have this coordinated effort of people who are after them because they don’t know what else. They need an enemy, and they have decided to make children their enemy right now. It’s nerve-racking.

Chasten, children are not the enemy. They are the ones who fill their heads with fantasies and delusions, telling children that they can fix their childhood awkwardness by mutilating and becoming dependent on drugs, and then living a lie the rest of the life. This Florida bill is a rightful wrench in their plans.

The Daily Caller reported that Chasten Buttigieg was not only a pious preacher, but also a dark reality. “Republican Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis has recently read excerpts from explicit books that are available in public schools libraries. “Gender Queer” was a book that featured a girl performing oral sex and masturbating on another girl. It compared the act of removing a woman’s breasts with getting a tattoo. Flamer is another book that tells the story of a boy who experiences multiple sexual interactions. Florida deserves credit for taking action against this. The Florida bill that angers you Mr. Buttigieg is not what it means to protect children.