Pentagon Shows Declassified Photos & Video, Clip Of Unexplainable Floating Object

The Pentagon presented to Congress the declassified UFO photos as well as video. The footage showed a flying object without any explanation.

A small object flew past a military pilot in blurry video. Another video was taken. A photo shows glowing triangles in night sky. Bray presented the images and videos, and stated that the photo of the glowing triangles and the video of it was still not solved. It was later identified as an unmanned aerial vehicle.

He stated that the military didn’t know which object was shown in the first video.

Bray said that he didn’t know the exact object at issue during a conversation with Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

Bray stated Tuesday that there were at least 11 “near misses” between U.S. military aircraft and UAP. Bray also said that U.S. forces had never attempted to communicate with UAP.

The presentation took place in the House Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and Counterproliferation subcommittee on Tuesday.

Rep. Andre Carson (D.Ind.) stated that “unidentified aerial phenomena are a potential national security threat.” Chairman of the subcommittee, he stated Tuesday.

Carson stated that UAPs are too stigmatized. This has made intelligence analysis difficult.

The Black Vault published a report for 2021, which was classified and redacted earlier in the year. The report stated that the government had received 144 reports between 2004-2020, of which 80 were “involved observation with multiple sensors span>

The government claims that UAP “probably lacks one explanation”. Government reports have not ruled out the possibility of alien life in space.

He said that the intelligence community is responsible to taxpayers for stopping potential adversaries such as Russia and China surprising us with new technologies.

It is now clear what Moultrie and Bray will be able to share at Tuesday’s open hearing. Members of the committee will receive a separate briefing.

Moultrie and Bray did not describe the specific nature of UAP in their opening statements. However, they did emphasize the department’s determination about origins.

Moultrie stated UAP is a possible flight safety risk. Service personnel have also experienced unidentified air phenomena.