Pelosi Claims “Whiteness” Caused Capitol Incident

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently claimed during an online video conference with her hometown San Francisco constituents that President Trump’s supporters were choosing their “whiteness over democracy” in reference to the U.S Capitol riots. Critics then accused Pelosi of stoking the flames of hatred and creating even more division between the two political parties.

    “I thought it was going to be an epiphany for those who were in opposition of our democracy to see the light. Instead, it was an epiphany for the world to see that there are people in our country, led by this President, for the moment, who have chosen their whiteness over democracy. That’s what this is about,” Pelosi said.

    The Speaker is set on leading the House to vote on a new impeachment of President Trump, which has gained a ton of support from radical left supporters. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris accused America of having “two systems of justice” while President-elect Biden claimed that the Black Lives Matter protesters were treated very differently than the “mob of thugs” that stormed the Capitol.

    During the video conference, Pelosi also made a point to mention coronavirus and that race played a role during the attack. She said that the day after the Capitol assault, 4,000 people died of coronavirus, many of them people of color. She called it an “injustice” and accused the Oval Office and Trump Administration of calling COVID-19 a hoax.

    The left-leaning rhetoric has gotten so radical that it’s hard to link back to any original message of meaning. Democrats continue to weaponize Trump Derangement Syndrome by accusing the President of inciting the riots, though previous Twitter receipts reflect otherwise.

    Several big tech companies, such as Twitter, have explained that they were suspending thousands of accounts, including President Trump’s, that were sharing QAnon content or engaging in conservative “conspiracy theories.” Facebook and Instagram have also started engaging in left-leaning tactics and threatened to remove any content from its platform that includes the phrase “stop the steal,” regarding the incident at the Capitol.

    Pelosi used the conference to create more divide in the country between the left and the right by ending her remarks saying that President Trump’s instigation of the Capitol riots will be addressed.

    The left could be looking to equip an incoming administration, but have decided to focus their attention on impeaching President Donald Trump, who has already expressed his frustration over the Electoral College Vote results but has repeatedly told his supporters to “go home.”

    This isn’t the first time Democrats have threatened to impeach President Trump and we all know how credible and successful that was the first time around.