Paramount+ Removes Russell Brand Special, But Keeps Movies From Other Abusive Men

When it comes to hypocrisy, leftists living and working in the progressive toilet bowl that is Hollywood certainly seem to have the market cornered. In reality, it’s impossible to be a radical liberal and not be a hypocrite as the belief system itself is riddled with ideals that contradict reality and, quite frankly, make life rather unpleasant. Therefore, it’s much easier to stick your nose in the air and pontificate about how awesome and wonderful socialism is since you don’t have to actually live in such a system and can enjoy the many benefits and comforts provided by dwelling in a capitalist country.

The hypocrisy inherent in progressive ideology is on full display right now, as the left has tried to cancel the podcast, of actor and comedian Russell Brand. After spending the last few years speaking out against censorship and challenging the official COVID vaccination narrative, Brand is now accused of rape, among other forms of sexual misconduct.

Isn’t it always like that? Liberal cockroaches will crawl out of walls as soon as someone has the courage to speak up and say the things that the majority of us think, quietly, in our own heads. They then try to discredit and silence the person. Right? It’s easier to say that than to engage with the ideas presented. They’ll see that their entire ideology will crumble under scrutiny if they engage with the ideas.

Breitbart reports that streaming service Paramount+, in light of the current controversy surrounding Brand, has decided to remove his 2009 comedy special from the platform. Where is the hypocrisy then? Harvey Weinstein’s films, as well as a Roman Polanski film, are still available on the service.

Breitbart has more information:

Both Weinstein and Polanski are sex offenders — the former was convicted, the latter pleaded guilty. Meanwhile, the Brand accusations thus far remain unsubstantiated allegations in the eyes of the law. Paramount appears to have removed the Brand comedy special on Tuesday. The studio’s decision follows similar acts of censorship by YouTube and the BBC.

Google’s YouTube demonetized Russell Brand, claiming that such decisions were made when “a Creator’s Off-Platform Behavior Harms Our Users.” BBC removed Russell’s content from its streaming platforms iPlayer and BBC Sounds because it had determined it was no longer up to public standards.

Brand’s massive social media presence has made him a major threat to both the mainstream establishment media and Democrats. He used it to challenge left-wing orthodoxies, including the war in Ukraine.

The interviews Russell Brand conducted with Oliver Stone and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson have leftist media executives in a tizzy. Stone said during his conversation with Brand that voting for Biden in 2020 was “a mistake.”

“Yes. It certainly was.”

If Stone learned a valuable life lesson and has promised to never vote for a Democrat ever again, then I suppose I can forgive him.

Weinstein and Polanski, both leftists with films that attract subscribers, are allowed to remain while Brand is forced to leave. Paramount+ bought a stake in Miramax in 2020. This gives it access to all the films made by the Weinsteins.

Money and power are the only things that matter. Liberals are not people of principles unless their principles help them to make money.