OpenAI Investors Plot Boardroom Coup to Reinstall Sam Altman as CEO

OpenAI investors are trying to bring CEO Sam Altman back after he was fired from the company on Friday.

The Wall Street Journal reported the leading shareholders of the company are seeking to reinstate their former CEO. Microsoft, with $13 million invested, is the largest shareholder, followed by Thrive Capital.

Altman’s sudden firing from OpenAI on Friday, the company that developed ChatGPT is not clear. In a press release, the company claimed that Altman had not been “consistently honest in his communications” with board members.

Reuters reported on Saturday that Altman was currently working on a brand new AI venture.

Altman, formerly of Twitter fame, wrote: “i loved my experience at openai.” It was transformative, both for me and the world. I loved working with talented people.

He added that he would have more to share about the future.

Greg Brockman left his position as president of OpenAI shortly after Altman’s firing. According to sources, he will join Altman’s company.

“I’m proud of everything we’ve built together, starting from my apartment eight years ago. Brockman wrote: “We’ve had great & tough times together. We accomplished so much despite the many reasons why it shouldn’t have been possible.” “But after today’s news, I decided to quit.” I wish you all the very best. “I continue to believe that the mission is to create safe [Artificial Intelligence] for all humanity.”