One Sweet Sign That Proves The Democratic Party Is A Ticking Time Bomb

The Left, at this point, are actively working towards plunging the country into an economic tailspin. Of course while denying the whole thing. Trying to keep American live’s locked in the dark…it’s what the Liberals want.

Democrats will never let a good crisis go to waste, and when Coronavirus came along, they sunk their teeth into it. After an endless series of leaks, impeachments, investigations, and media meltdowns, the The Trump Administration was booming and people were just starting to get a good taste of prosperity. 

The Democrats truly are the party of making things worse. Nancy Pelosi is taking all of the delays she can with each stimulus bill proposed, while millions of small businesses are being ground to dust. Let her take as long as she can to refill the Paycheck Protection Plan. 22 million people were out of jobs and San Francisco was in no hurry to reopen.

And speaking of Nancy Pelosi holding the PPP fund hostage, her fridge was a site for sore eyes. Multiple fridges costing around $24,000 each to be exact. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) offered the world a glimpse into his freezer during America’s economic crisis mocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s clip from earlier this week showcasing the huge stash of ice cream she keeps in her freezer to get through “these trying times” and even suggesting you can receive this gourmet ice cream “through the mail.”

Rubio’s video had a purpose in offering Pelosi all of the frozen treats in his freezer in exchange for her to stop withholding small business relief during the COVID-19 crisis. He reaches into his freezer, revealing a bag of M&M treats, and says “I will give you all the ice cream I have in here, Madam Speaker, if you will fund small business and stop holding it hostage. All of this right here. These M&M’s. Make it happen.”

Pelosi had quite the “let them eat cake” moment when she revealed the full stock of gourmet ice cream from her kitchen for “The Late Late Show With James Corden” while millions of Americans are going through economic hardship, suffering from job loss, and worried how to feed their own children during this ongoing pandemic. Families are now seeing videos of a freezer stocked to the brim with cartons of ice cream in Pelosi’s home while they stand in line at the food banks.

ABC’s Meghan McCain even spoke out about the controversy. She called it a kill shot and then added that political figures should be advised to avoid late-night shows as they are usually traps. “It’s not the ice cream in her fridge. It’s the fact that she’s standing behind giant refrigerators, multiple ones that cost $24,000 each, and you’re right, Joy, politicians are wealthy. Trump is wealthy, but I think in this specific moment, optics are narrative.” She says.

The wealthy California Democrat is facing pressure from members of both sides to end her party’s blockade against replenishing the small business loan program that was quickly depleted among the crisis. 

Two huge refrigerators by themselves cost more than what many people make in a year. This is a symbol of disconnect in the Democratic party and what they stand for. They want socialism and liberal policies for everyone but themselves. They are the exception to their own standards and it’s going to cost them their whole party someday.