Ohio Residents Criticize Biden Ahead of East Palestine Visit 378 Days Post-Train Disaster

A toxic train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, over a year ago.

Biden ran for president and claimed that he was going to be the president of all of America. Not red, nor blue, but United States of America. It took him 378 days to visit the toxic train derailment where American citizens’ livelihoods had been not only disrupted but also destroyed.

Biden announced on March 2, 2023, that he would “at some stage” visit East Palestine. Biden visited Ukraine on 22 February 2023 while East Palestine was affected by the derailment of a train.

Biden’s people were on the ground but he never showed up once to comfort the citizens or act like the President of the United States. Why? Some say that he thought Ohio was a “red state” and that it wouldn’t be in his best interest to appear there. In Ohio, Trump beat Biden in 2020 by eight percentage points.

East Palestine residents are speaking out. This is what a business owner said about Biden’s trip.

I’ve received several calls asking me to block the entrance to the town so that he cannot come. He’s wanted to come for over a year, but now that it’s election season, he wants him to.

Biden’s visit to East Palestine was questioned by another resident of the region after so much time had passed.

Why is he here if he doesn’t intend to do anything? We’ve been putting our children to bed for a whole year without knowing if they’re safe because our homes haven’t even been tested. The EPA says nothing is wrong, but they won’t test the soil. Our bodies tell us that we are all sick. This is not acceptable in the United States of America as a parent, wife, or daughter. It’s hard to believe anyone could ignore what is happening in our community.

Two East Palestine residents said that if the state was blue, Biden would have been there soon after the train derailed.

It seems like we are always forgotten down here in blue-collar America.

Residents of East Palestine won’t forget that Biden didn’t show up when it was most important. Another resident stated:

He was not there when the catastrophe occurred. It’s not right.

Truth Social posted a post by former President Trump:

Biden should’ve gone to East Palestine long ago. For him to go there now is to insult those who live in East Palestine and the Great State of Ohio itself. I can’t imagine anyone wants him to go. “I know he doesn’t want to go, and even he realizes he’s making a big mistake. He is pandering to people who are intelligent, politically savvy, and unfortunately, deeply hurt by Biden’s inactions and lackluster care.”

Trump, as reported, visited East Palestine in 2023 with Senator J.D. Vance (R – OH), Trent Conaway Mayor, and other local and state leaders.

Biden’s leadership on this issue is not up to the standards of East Palestine. Biden didn’t even care until a full year later that the town was in danger. How can we believe that he is not acting out of political motives but rather from a good heart? Voters who are paying attention will not be duped.