Ohio Grandparents Arrested in Unimaginable Child Abuse Case That Police Say Makes You Sick

A couple of Ohio grandparents are behind bars after allegedly taking part in cruel punishments their daughter has been accused of imposing on her stepson, a juvenile boy, who police say was so mistreated he developed “atrophy in his legs” and PTSD.

Lt. Joe Macaluso from Delhi Township Police Officer said that if there’s a victim of this abuse, it’s tragic. It is very sad to see someone vulnerable, such as an elderly person or child.

Susan Rodriguez (68) and Armin Rodriguez (71) are both being held in Hamilton County Jail on child endangerment charges.

Macaluso said that it was difficult to investigate because of the severity of the abuse. ”

Macaluso claims that the punishments continued for many years. These included putting the boy in isolation and beating him.

Macaluso said that he wasn’t allowed to urinate without the permission of his grandmother or mother.

Macaluso said that the investigation was prompted in part by previous charges against the victim’s father, and stepmother. They were both accused of similar abuse by a neighboring department in February.

He claimed that his child had told him that the same treatment was used by his step-grandparents in his jurisdiction. His step-grandmother would then take him to their home and tell him that he was in serious trouble. He will be placed in timeout or grounded. ”

Court records indicate that Amy Rodriguez Dangel is facing 11 child-endangerment charges for allegedly “recklessly torturing and cruelly abusing” her stepson in the period from January 2018 to April 2021. Anthony Dangel is also charged with allegedly violating the duty of care.

Macaluso said that the grand jury had indicted the step-grandparents directly.

Joe Deters, Hamilton County Prosecutor stated that the torture inflicted upon this child by his grandparents was “unimaginable.” He is now safe with his family members who love him.