Ohio and Indiana Primary Results Show President Trump’s Huge Influence, but Real Test Awaits in Georgia

Tuesday was the primary election in Ohio and Indiana for the 2022 elections.

Although Donald Trump’s name was not on the ballot, it’s possible that he was running. Roseanne Boyland was a USAF veteran executed in cold blood at the Capitol Police Office. Roseanne Boyland was also beaten and laid down by the same police force.

Fourteen out of the ten have resigned or retired. The rest face serious primary challenges.

After the smoke cleared, President Trump was 20-20 with his endorsements


These were my top takeaways after President Trump’s last evening.

He is open to taking a chance but is not suicidal.

Trump took a big risk in April and endorsed J. D. Vance for the US Senate. Vance was barely in third place among a field of five candidates. Vance would have preferred Josh Mandel who is the establishment’s favorite.

Vance was this race’s leading vote-getter. He was so popular that the race was called prior to 9:00 p.m. Read more: Donald Trump Wins Big in Ohio After Senate Primary is Called.

Full disclosure: Vance was my favorite because he could have made a lot of people on the leftwing lecture circuit mock Hillbilly Elegy’s subjects. He refused to do this and was penalized financially.

This is also true for Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. Trump doesn’t receive Christmas cards. Trump avoided the Ohio governor’s race to demonstrate the discipline he requires to maintain his brand and maximize his influence in the primary races for House and Senate.

The New York Times was popular for voting for impeachment but not back home. President Trump had supported Mike Miller in quisling Anthony Gonzalez (OH-7) before Gonzalez discovered the best of valor. Jonah Schultz came in second place in the vote.

President Trump’s impact is real.

Trump ran the board with both his endorsements as well as his policies.

A Republican presidential candidate must be able to show that Trump isn’t running and that Trumps-in–waiting cannibalize one another.

On Tuesday, Ohio put this scenario to the test. These results were not encouraging.

Vance and Timken were blaming one another about who was Trump’s best. While Dolan, who was distant from Trump, seemed to have enough room for a nonMAGA hardliner crowd.

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But it wasn’t enough. Dolan (a state senator) spent more than $10million to support the race. Trump’s claim of 2020 election theft was rejected by Dolan, who said that Trump should not be talking about 2020.

He didn’t win. And even close. This ceiling is low for a centrist Republican in 2024.

Two years after the 2020 election the left still complains about “copeium”

The Washington Post can be a great place for a quick cry-and-come-down. The Post found evidence that Trump’s promises were not being kept.

Vance won with seven points and 81 percent reporting. This means that 69 percent of Ohio Republicans voted against another person, despite Trump’s son flying in to support Vance during the last few days.

Vance was also afraid of the Republicans as the race closes. Dolan is part of a billionaire couple that owns the Cleveland Guardians.

The real lesson is that 24% voted for the third-placed candidate. This is correct as 76% aligned with Donald Trump regardless of who they voted for.

Last night’s meeting has dispelled any doubts about Trump’s power over Republican politics. He endorsed seven candidates and faced off against a secretary of state and incumbent governor. Raffensperger deserves to be horsewhipped for his utter lack of guts during the 2020 election.

We were able to see Trump’s influence in the Ohio and Indiana primaries. The real test will be in Georgia.