Obama Accuses ‘Right-Wing’ Media of Fueling Fear and Dividing Americans

It’s easy to argue that Barack Obama is the most arrogant and self-centered president of modern times. In one speech, the “smartest man in the room”, said “me me me” more than an opera singer warming up for an act. Cocky Dude is still going strong four and a half years after he left office.

Obama’s second most recognizable “quality” comes in the form of his extreme hypocrisy.

The de facto leader of the Democrat Party is the epitome of hypocrisy. Sorry, Joe, but you are not that guy.

In a CNN special titled “Obama & Amanpour,” Obama delivered a veritable masterclass on all of the above.

Obama’s arrogance is typical of his style. He not only said that democratic institutions have become “creaky” in America and the rest of the world, but he also blamed Fox News and “right-wing media outlets”, telling Amanpour:

I believe in the power of democracy. We’ll have to reform our creaky democratic institutions.

Uh-huh. You and I are not included in the “we” that Democrats use when they say “commonsense solutions”, “fair share”, “equity,” or other left-wing jargon.

O, on the other hand, means “We” leftists, because as a conservatism, you are not only heartless, selfish, and incapable of understanding disenfranchised and voiceless people, but you also don’t have the same intellectual level as Barack Hussein Obama. He is the greatest and the most insightful intellect in history.

Obama piled it up higher and higher:

Not so long ago, I received a large number of Republican votes. Not that long ago, John McCain, the Republican nominee at the time, actively shut down a person who said I was an illegal immigrant and was bent on imposing Sharia Law.

There are still some people who are more conservative on political issues than me, but I find them to be good and thoughtful people. I like having conversations with them. The polarization we’ve seen in international politics is not the same as what is going on here.


It wasn’t so long ago that Bill Clinton was head and shoulders above this addled marionette, whose strings were pulled by radical leftist handlers who are hell-bent on destroying America as we knew it. How dare you even mention polarization? Your administration, which includes Barack “If I had a child he’d look like Trayvon” Obama and Eric “My People”, has been working non-stop to divide America along racial boundaries since the moment you took office.

Obama thinks the opposite. The problem is Fox News and radio hosts on the right.

It’s true that the information people get today is siloed. If you watch Fox News or listen to a right-wing radio show, or follow a Facebook page, you will see radically different information than if read the New York Times or watched your favorite program.

This kind of misinformation is not what we see him doing, nor just during elections, but the constant demonization and fear-mongering of the opposing side.

Hypocritical and utterly laughable.

CNN, the most trusted name in the news:

Former President Bush offered a broad view of global political and democratic issues, including Trump’s recent indictment. He acknowledged that it sent a suboptimal signal to the rest of the world.

He said, “It is less than ideal.” The fact that a former president is being held accountable for charges brought by prosecutors reinforces the notion that no one is above the law. Allegations will be resolved through the court process.

He said that he was more concerned about the broader efforts to “silence” critics by changing the legislative process or “intimidate” the press. He added that these efforts were “most prominent right now in the Republican Party,” but he did not believe they were unique to any one party.

He said, “Having served as president of the United States you need a President who takes the oath seriously.” “You need to have a president that believes in not only the letter of the law but also in the spirit and the values of democracy.”

Did you notice the chyron in the image? “Obama says no, GOP will not rally around the message that other policy sides are not evil. ‘”

Cojones. Brass ones. CNN and Barack Obama ‘forgot’ about Biden calling Donald Trump and the “extreme MAGA Philosophy” “semi-fascism”, and worse.

What about “evil?” Charles Krauthammer, the late Charles Krauthammer, nailed it.

Conservatives believe liberals to be stupid and liberals to be evil.

This is a great place to finish.