NYC Pushing Critical Race Theory on City Employees

Racism is really bad, except when it’s mandatory.

Fox News reports that all employees of New York City’s liberal city have until March 6th to complete Critical Race Theory training. This “provides all NYC employees a framework to understand…the importance of racial equality…in the workplace”. According to an email. defines “CRT” as:

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an intellectual and social movement that loosely organizes legal analysis. It is based on the idea that race is not biologically rooted in physically distinct subgroups, but rather a culturally created category that is used to oppress or exploit people of color. The theory of critical race holds that racism is inherent to the United States legal system and institutions. This includes the creation and maintenance of social, economic, and political inequalities, particularly between whites and non-whites. The goal of critical race theorists is to apply their knowledge of racism’s institutional and structural nature to the concrete, if not distant, the goal of eliminating all unjust hierarchies based on race.

CRT, in other words, is the belief that the United States was founded and governed by white racists. Therefore, it is necessary to end the whole system.

Why would one of America’s largest cities, and supposedly the most open-minded, force-feed its tens and thousands of employees the idea that the country was founded on hatred and oppression when it is one of the largest?

Cleon Skousen, the author of The Naked Communist, stated that communist goal #30 was to “Discredit America’s Founding Fathers.” They are selfish aristocrats that have no concern for the common man. ‘”

You can add the word “racist,” after the word, “selfish”, and you will have every reason why a committed leftist commie leftist must bring down the entire system. CRT is a part of that plan.

Despite school officials across the country denying it, CRT is being used to abuse our children in our educational system.

New York City’s CRT Training posits the absurd belief that race was “created by white people” with the aim of oppressing minorities.

There is no scientific or genetic basis for the term “race”. It is a social construct that allows people to be classified based on their skin color and other physical characteristics. Despite all this, race can have a real impact on the lives of people. Because our society has used racism to justify and establish systems of power and privilege, exclusion, oppression, and exclusion.

Crazy is the belief that a man wearing pigtails is just as womanizing as his mother.

When Bill DeBlasio was elected mayor of the Big Apple, it twice voted for his commie suicide. Mayor Eric Adams is the current apparatchik and continues what Comrade DeBlasio started.