NY Officials Hide Number Of True Coronavirus Deaths At Nursing Homes

Another leak of botched pandemic response from New York? Shocker. Officials in New York City admit they have been trying to quietly change the coronavirus death standards in such a way that would underreport those deaths at the nursing home. 

The statistics were reported to media platforms such as the Daily Caller Friday May 15th. The New York State Department of Health said they only reported a ‘coronavirus death’ to long-term care patients that died while physically present at their facility. 

Previous to March 3rd, they reported those patients died either at their facility or at a hospital. That change would underreport the count of “nursing home” deaths when Gov. Andrew Cuomo was under fire for the policy forcing nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients. The policy was then rescinded after harsh criticism.

New York has had the highest number of nursing home deaths in the country, with 5,433 deaths reported as of Wednesday May 13th. This all points to New York Officials hiding the number of true deaths FROM the coronavirus at nursing homes. The data is all crisscrossed now. 

Reports from spokespeople in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts confirmed that they counted nursing home deaths whether it occurred at the facility or the hospital. 

The problem with Gov. Andrew Cuomo is that he is saying nothing of substance. He is the fake Ted Talks guy who rambles on and on about the protection of the people without ever saying anything useful or insightful. His incoherent rambling doesn’t add up. 

Gov. Cuomo talked time and time again about how 66% of the COVID-19 cases were people who had sheltered at home…yet he praises the lockdown and says it has “been working.” How does that make any sense? If you’re enforcing a lockdown and people are still getting sick AT home then the lockdown isn’t working and keeping people at home still isn’t safe for them. 

The number has jumped to 84% on other charts he has presented, but who really knows at this point? The numbers are clearly rigged and his briefings are solid proof he really has no idea what he is talking about or what his charts even represent.