Nuclear Weapons Convoy Spotted in Central Russia Headed for Ukraine Border

NATO has warned member states that Russia is planning to test its nuclear-capable submarine Poseidon in the Black Sea. This is in response to Vladimir Putin’s efforts to dissuade Western countries from supporting Ukraine in war.

A train controlled by the secretive Russian nuclear department is also heading for Ukraine. Many international nuclear experts think Putin is playing with his capabilities, not planning any specific nuclear action. Putin may feel that he is forced to use nuclear weapons to show NATO that he does not care about the situation or give Russia’s struggling forces an advantage in local tactics.

Times of London:

Konrad Muzyka (a Polish defense analyst) said that the train was spotted in central Russia and was connected to the 12th main directorate of Russia’s ministry of defense. It was responsible for nuclear munitions storage, transport, maintenance, and issuance of units.

However, international analysts believe that the Black Sea could be a better place to show Putin’s willingness to use nuclear weapons. According to a senior defense source, he could be at serious risk if he decided to use a nuclear weapon on the battlefield. It could also go wrong. According to the source, “They could accidentally hit a Russian town near the Ukrainian border like Belgorod” He would then have to escalate.”

This “nuclear train”, as it is sometimes called, may contain more than meets the eye. Analysts suggest that the train may be transporting more mundane supplies than nuclear weapons. However, as long as the West militaries believe it is a nuke train then whatever it is carrying has special significance.

It is important to note that Putin knows that NATO and the U.S. have their eyes on this train and what it’s carrying. Putin knows NATO keeps track of the drone submarine, also known as the Poseidon in the West, and is fully aware of its capabilities. Putin won’t surprise anyone if he chooses to increase nuclear weapons.

Andrew Futter, a University of Leicester nuclear weapons expert, stated that the nuclear submarine could be used for many tactical purposes and was more than a simple nuclear delivery platform. As with the train incident, he suggested that Russia was trying to signal to the West to stop interfering in the conflict.

However, a large number of analysts think that Putin is ready to escalate. Although the battlefield situation is not yet irretrievable the momentum is all in Ukraine’s favor.

James Rogers, Director of Research at the Council on Geostrategy said that he wouldn’t rule out a Russian nuke strike on Ukraineโ€™s advancing forces, regardless of how unlikely it seemed. “Given how the Kremlin is making decisions at the moment, it’s impossible to discount anything. He said that the Russians are becoming desperate but that it would be a dramatic escalation and one that countries like India and China would surely condemn.”

Vladimir Putin made it clear that he believes Ukraine poses a threat to Mother Russia. He also stated that regime change in Kyiv is the only way to stop the war. Putin’s goal of achieving nuclear weapons is closer than ever.

The President of Ukraine, Zelenskyy, has rejected the idea of peace talks based on anything other than the return of all land Russia has taken over the past decade. This is the formula for Armageddon. It’s also suicidal for Ukraine. NATO countries, including the United States, are not likely to risk the annihilation of a corrupt and nominally democratic country like Ukraine. The White House should impeach the old, lazy fool who tries to link his political fortunes with the success of the Ukrainian military campaign.

Zelenskyy should immediately begin negotiations. His armies have deep wounded Russian pride. Let’s see how the actor can change roles from peacemaker to warrior.