NRA Data Reveals What Lockdowns Have Done To The Restaurant Industry

    In a letter sent to congressional leaders, the National Restaurant Association shared new survey findings that illustrate what the draconian lockdown measures imposed by the radical left have done across the restaurant industry.

    It shows that around 110,000 restaurants closed this year, which makes 17% nationwide, and more than 500,000 were harmed due to “economic free fall.” Democratic politicians continue to call COVID-19 restrictions “necessary,” even when others are losing everything they’ve worked for. Do pro-lockdown elected officials really work for the people?

    “Efforts in Washington to find the ‘perfect’ solution are laudable, but the lack of progress in the meantime has led too many operators to give up on the government and close down for good/ Since our last update to you, less than three months ago, an additional 10,000 restaurants have closed nationwide,” the letter reads.

    Sean Kennedy, NRA’s executive vice president for Public Affairs, pointed out that every month Congress goes without a solution, thousands of restaurants will close for good. Restaurant closures and bankruptcies continue to sweep the nation, with 58% in chain and independent full-service operators continuing furloughs and layoffs into the new year.

    Full-service operators also reported that their total labor costs are higher than they were pre-pandemic and will likely see sales revenue drop even more over the next several months. Independent, chain, and franchise restaurants saw an average 36% drop in sales revenue.

    “We appreciate the efforts of a group of moderate members of the House and Senate to advance a true compromise between the competing proposals from Democratic and Republican leaders. If this moderate plan represents a ‘down payment’ for a larger relief package in early 2021, it will provide restaurants with immediate relief to hold on through the most dangerous point in our business year,” said Kennedy.

    The National Restaurant Association also prioritized how the Paycheck Protection Plan could be improved to strengthen the restaurant industry altogether. They called for revenue loss threshold to not be higher than 25%, being able to deduct ordinary and necessary expenses, eligible expenses for personal protective equipment and cleaning, keeping loans under $150,000 eligible for streamlined forgiveness, and eliminating the SBA’s “Related Party Rent” Loan Forgiveness Restriction.

    The NRA also activated an online petition encouraging others to reach out to Congress and their elected officials about supporting restaurants. “Over 110,000 restaurants are closed today, and continued inaction from Congress means that thousands more will close for good. Restaurants cannot wait – please act this year,” the petition concludes.

    Democrats and public health officials continue to fail in showing real data that links viral spread to dining. The left doesn’t listen until it affects them.