Noted Energy Expert AOC Claims Gas Stoves Cause Brain Damage, Gets Mocked to Pieces

It’s one of the best things about being a pundit in politics. Start your day by opening your computer in the morning, searching for what will trigger your trigger, and then finding this beauty from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

It’s almost like a headline popping into your head when you see it. You feel the excitement build inside and the article begins to write itself.

Let’s have a look at the bus that is powered by gasoline for a second.

Fox News reported Rich Trumka Jr., one of five commissioners of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, suggested that a ban on all new gas stoves could be possible due to growing indoor air pollution concerns.

Jill Notini, of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers of the United States, stated that 40% of American households have gas appliances. Trumka’s statement sparked a storm on social media. Keyboard jockeys instantly reacted to Trumka’s statement and made dire predictions.

Trumka on Monday clarified his previous statement. Trumka then backed down (lied) to placate the low-information crowd.

We appreciate your interest.

To clarify, CPSC does not intend to inspect gas stoves. Regulations apply to new products.

The Inflation Reduction Act allows Americans to choose whether to switch to gas or electric. This includes an $840 rebate.

The CPSC would be delighted if your gas stove were thrown away for a bribery fee of 840 dollars.

Okay, this “misunderstanding” is done. No.

Wednesday’s report said that Joe Biden’s government was looking at banning gas stoves in response to Trumpka’s initial statements. However, the CPSC didn’t convince the president who is a skeptic of energy to do so. However, Rahm Emanuel (a former Clinton official and a miserably-failed Chicago mayor) famously observed that no good emergency, real or imaginary, should be wasted.

Our favorite left-wing genius AOC comes along to once more get out over her skis. This was in reply to Rep. Ronny (R-Tex). He stated that he would not give up his gas stove.

I will not abandon my gas stove. Come and get it!

You are a spot-on congressman! Over my dead pot roast! AOC responded:

Did You Know that prolonged exposure to NO2 gas stoves can cause cognitive impairments?

AOC, it’s not enough to have a gas stove in every room. You also need to turn on all burners before you go to bed at night.

Nicholas Tutorial, an actor and former candidate for Congress, responded to her latest nonsensical rant about AOCs:

Dems are crazy.

Some people are more insane that the average insane Democrat.

This is only one example of many similar tweets by Brian:

Dr. Jill finally cooks on her gas stove as a pro. At the very least, she could have been wearing a silly useless mask.

Rules for me, but not for you


Numerous studies have shown that children as young as five years old can be affected by gas stove emissions. AOC’s assertion that this is the case is absurd. This also shows how ignorant AOC really is about the relative facts, and how much she doesn’t care. Her sole goal is to promote her fruitcake agenda.

Ronald Reagan famously said:

Liberal friends are not ignorant. They know more than they should.

You could also Google the quote from Gipper. AOC’s photograph is there.