No Correlation Found Between Gym Attendance And COVID-19

    In a recent report retained by the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association, a consulting group in Oregon concluded studies on whether or not gyms are a source of COVID-19 transmission. They found no correlation between gym attendance and increased coronavirus state rates.

    The set of data commissioned by the Sportsclub Association showed only 1,155 COVID-19 cases from more than 49 million gym check-ins, or 0.0023%. The Association then asked the Oregon Consulting Group to conduct an independent study in which 32 weeks of Colorado gym attendance data would be recorded. It represented nearly 8.5 million check-ins and found no links to the 59 outbreaks reported by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

    The Colorado Fitness Coalition is working with the Colorado General Assembly to share this data and present why gyms have one of the lowest transmission rates of all industries and pose a very low risk of COVID-19 transmission. The goal of this data is to support gym businesses to recover and allow their facilities to operate at higher capacity levels.

    “There’s a lot of speculation regarding gyms that just isn’t based on facts and data. This independent study confirms that gyms are one of the safest places people will go all day. Furthermore, maintaining our physical activity and mental health is critical in fighting the worst impacts of COVID-19,” said CFC Advisory Board Member, Paula Neubert of Club Greenwood.

    This data has angered the public and forced elected officials, such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to ease up on capacity restrictions on gyms. It also forces left-leaning politicians to reflect on their disastrous government-mandated lockdowns. Colorado will face the loss of an estimated 200 gyms, 22,000 jobs, and $12 million in payroll taxes due to the current restrictions. Colorado’s fitness industry usually generates around $695 million annually in revenue.

    Public health officials argue that there has never been a more critical time to make exercising a top priority. The risk for any infection, including COVID-19, increases with an inactive and unfit way of life. People are wearing masks at the gym, equipment is being cleaned, and there has been proper social distancing.

    “It is clear that gyms in Colorado, and around the country, have done an excellent job at keeping people safe. Let’s not diminish the importance of gyms in our communities to keep people healthy and help them cope with the ongoing stress and anxiety of the pandemic,” said Dr. Robert Sallis, MD.

    There is no reason why left-leaning governments should continue to keep draconian lockdown measures when the data shows that wearing a mask and washing your hands works. Your chances of catching anything are far greater in the madhouse of Costco, Walmart, or the grocery store, but the government won’t shut those down. They’ll shut down your small community gym first.