Newsom Assaulted By Aggressive Man, Saved By His Security Team (But He Still Wants To Defund The Police)

While the rest of Californians don’t travel surrounded by a security team, Gov. Gavin Newsom was recently approached by a man in Oakland with aggressive behavior. The 54-year-old man allegedly threw a water bottle at the governor before Newsom’s security team removed him from the situation. He was arrested by California Highway Patrol agents and booked at the Santa Rita jail for resisting an executive officer and assaulting a public official. The agency is still investigating the incident.

Many critics of Gov. Newsom have pointed out that assault is assault and said that the charge of “assaulting a public official” should be no different than assaulting any human being. Of course, a Dem-run state plays favorites and does not apply the law equally to all individuals. Democrats will demand security details around a water bottle thrown at Gov. Newsom, but not the firebombs thrown at police officers by Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters.

The governor reportedly joked after the incident that “people have different ways of saying hello” and said that he was in Oakland at the time to promote small businesses. A woman, who identified herself as the suspect’s sister, described him as a homeless man with severe mental problems, adding that the allegations made by authorities were consistent with his past behavior.

California’s homeless crisis is growing worse by the day and now Gov. Newsom has unveiled a $12 billion plan to solve the problem of “family homelessness” within five years. The plan is a part of his proposed $100 billion “California Comeback Plan.” The budget would include a $3.5 billion investment in homelessness prevention, rental support, and housing opportunities for people at risk of homelessness. The proposals would spend nearly $75,000 per homeless person currently known to be in the state.

San Francisco received mass amounts of criticism on their temporary strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic to spend taxpayer money to house homeless people in hotel rooms. They even purchased some hotels and apartment buildings for them.

People argued that this type of program would entice more homeless people to move to the state and that it does not confront the mental health and substance abuse challenges in California today.

Democrats have continued to promise these “road home” programs to solve homelessness and now it is worse than ever. Officials have even started distributing alcohol, tobacco, medical marijuana, and other substances to homeless in the hotels to prevent them from leaving and obtaining them on the street.

San Fransisco officials reported that they’ve spent $16.1 million for 262 tents to house the homeless, which comes out to either $190 a night or $61,000 per tent per year. And now, San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s latest budget includes another request priced at $1 billion to “stem the homeless epidemic” in the city. They have currently estimated as high as 17,000 homeless individuals in the city.

Maybe it’s time to defund Newsom’s security team and let the man who assaulted him released without bail…that’s what a Democrat would do, right?