New Intel on Spy Balloons Raises Concerns Over Biden Doing China’s Bidding

The absurdity of the last weeks of 2023 continues to escalate. There are new developments in the Chinese spy-balloon saga, which captivated the country in February.

According to NBC News, the public disclosure of the balloon was contrary to a Biden Administration plan to cover up the whole thing, including its existence, and keep it from Congress.

On a Saturday evening in January last year, Gen. Glen VanHerck called Gen. Mark Milley, President Joe Biden’s top military advisor.

VanHerck informed Milley that U.S. officials in the intelligence community had just informed him that they had tracked a mysterious, enormous object for about 10 days. VanHerck told Milley that the object had entered U.S. airspace above Alaska, and he was planning to send military jets along with it to try to determine what it was.

The location and the timeframe are important. The balloon was first reported to the public on February 2, whereas the above call was made on January 27. Initial detection was also made over Asia-Pacific. The Biden administration knew about the balloon much earlier and had plenty of time to shoot it down before it reached the United States.

This is contrary to the claims made back then that the balloon was not shot down until after it had completed its mission and flown over the whole of the United States because doing so could endanger the people on the ground. This excuse was largely invalidated by the fact that it was flying over unpopulated, desolate areas of Montana. But now, we know Biden had plenty of time to shoot it down much earlier.

It’s the attempt to cover up that is most shocking.

According to former and current officials in the administration and Congress, the first goal of the administration was to hide the existence of the balloon from the public and Congress.

A former U.S. senior official who was briefed about the incident said that the plan was to observe the balloon, let it pass by, and never tell anyone.

Why would it be necessary to keep the existence of the ballon secret from Congress if the goal was to gather intelligence? National security issues are usually disclosed to the “gang eight,” a group of select lawmakers who act as a link between the administration, and the larger group of representatives and Senators. The matter would not be a practical one to keep from Congress. This leaves only the political motive: Biden wanted to avoid public embarrassment if the Chinese spy balloon was allowed to complete its mission.

The balloon was also set to self-destruct.

After NBC News broke this story on February 2, officials also arranged for other media outlets to be briefed later that evening. After the existence of the balloon was made public, U.S. officials stated that it ceased transmitting data. The officials also concluded that China intended to self-destruct rather than return the balloon home.

Biden’s supposed heroic shooting down was nothing more than China’s will. They wanted the plane destroyed once it had passed over America, probably to hide whatever technology it was using.

This summary is damning. The Biden administration was aware of the balloon much earlier than it was reported. This meant they had plenty of time to destroy the balloon safely before it reached the United States. To conceal its existence from elected officials, the president allowed it to fly across the United States. The president then ordered that it be shot down near the coast of South Carolina. This was to fulfill China’s request to destroy it before it could be recovered intact, but after it had gathered and transmitted intelligence.

The Biden administration is one of the most dishonest governments in history. Are the adults back in charge now? Hardly.