NASA’s UFO Research Team Holds Public Hearing

NASA’s team, which includes scientists tasked with studying Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs), met in Washington today to discuss what data NASA can collect and analyze to learn more about UAPs.

NASA assembled a team of 16 experts in the last year to provide recommendations on how to study this phenomenon. The group included scientists from astrophysics and oceanography as well as astronomy. Since scientists don’t know what UAPs are or where they originate, nor who might be responsible, there is no standard scientific approach to data collection.

Daniel Evans, NASA’s assistant deputy associate director for research said: “It gives us the opportunity to understand our world better.” As an organization that is dedicated to exploring unknown territory, this work is part of our DNA.

Wall Street Journal

The meeting follows the release of videos by U.S. Defense officials last year, during the first congressional hearing in over half a century on the topic.

In one clip, a view of an aircraft’s cockpit was shown. A sphere flew to the right in a flash. Officials from the military have not been able to identify what it is.

NASA stated that the lack of quality observations of UAP makes it difficult to make scientific conclusions about the nature of these events.

The NASA panel is the face of the investigation into UFOs. Another group, formed by the Pentagon, is examining some of the classified aspects of UAPs. The NASA group will also be working in parallel.

NBC News

NASA’s study is distinct from the Pentagon’s newly-formalized investigation into unidentified air phenomena (UAPs), which were documented by military pilots in recent years and analysed by U.S. Defense and Intelligence officials.

NASA’s and Pentagon’s parallel efforts, both conducted with some semblance public scrutiny, highlight a turning-point for the government, after decades of deflecting, discrediting and debunking sightings or unidentified flying object (UFOs) dating back to 1940s.

What data can the military and space agency use to uncover some of the secrets of UAPs? Some data may never be revealed because “National Technical Means”, the means used to gather the data, are some of the most closely-held secrets within the government. James Bamford’s Body of Secrets Anatomy of an Ultra-Secret National Security Agency reveals some of the most amazing capabilities of our intelligence agencies.

The vast amount of data that will be gathered by the NASA experts over the next few months will come from the mass intelligence collection by citizens, police officers, and other trained observers.

NASA is due to release a report later this summer.