Must-See: Manhattan DA Bragg’s Bold Reaction to Trump Conviction Raises Eyebrows—Thinks He’s a Statesman in the Making!

Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney, spoke to reporters on Thursday night after guilty verdicts against Donald Trump were announced. He tried to portray himself as a statesman, who took on a corrupt politician, a man that seemed untouchable. Despite all temptations to be biased, Bragg worked with his staff to carry out their duties honorably. He says, “I was doing my job.”

This team of prosecutors is a model public servant, and I am proud to serve with them. They embody the best traditions in this office, including professionalism, integrity, commitment, and service. They are public servants who embody the finest traditions of this office: professionalism, integrity, dedication, and service. I am proud to serve alongside them.

This is a completely false and disgusting narrative, just like the one against Donald Trump. Cy Vance, the US Department of Justice and the FBI declined to prosecute Trump for this crime. As of the date of publication, we do not know the “crimes” that he was found guilty of.

Bragg’s short press conference included this insulting and provocative statement:

While this defendant is unlike any other in American History…we reached this trial, and ultimately this verdict today in the same way as every other case which comes through court: by following facts and law without fear or favour.

This is simply not true. If Alvin Bragg prosecuted all cases where a candidate or their lawyer entered into a non-disclosure contract with someone who has negative information about them, then there would be many Democrats indicted right now. Bragg could then investigate the 51 people that signed the letter claiming the laptop, which the U.S. Department of Justice confirmed to be Hunter Biden’s, was “Russian disinformation”, in the run-up to 2020 presidential elections. He can also look at those who orchestrated the composition of the letter and find out what positions or monetary benefits were promised to them in exchange for their advocacy.

He won’t. He is too busy soaking up the praise from the media and portraying himself as a statesman.

I did my job. We did our jobs. There are many voices. “The jury’s voice is the only one that counts, and it has spoken.”

Bragg failed to mention that the jury only received certain evidence, and at times, evidence that probably shouldn’t be admitted and they were given convoluted, controversial instructions, all of which seemed designed to guarantee a conviction. This diluted the impact of their voice. I’d add that appellate courts also have a large voice, but they haven’t spoken yet.