MSNBC Savaged by Viewers Over Chris Matthews’ Brief Return

Oh, how the smug have fallen. Left-wing dinosaurs need to learn that whining about Donald Trump will not get them in the good graces woke police. They constantly (wo/man) the unforgiving searchlights in an never-ending search for offenders of all sizes, shapes, and convictions. Particularly the white males.

On Thursday, Morning Joe was graced by Chris Matthews, the former personality of Chris Matthews. It was intended to discuss the lawsuit brought by New York State AG Letitia James versus Donald Trump and his families. The New York Post reports that Matthews appeared on the program with a smile and said:

“I think the president’s cone of ice cream is melting. He has clearly gained a lot of respect from the working class when they see his wealth. They see the power in owning the Fifth Avenue mansion, Mar-a-Lago and all that he has. Everything is “I’ve got one of the largest audiences of anyone.” Trump is known for his large, proud audience at his inaugurations. They both do the same thing: they brag and they bully. He’s impressed by all the money he has with his supermodel wife, and all the other things he has going for him. But he’s now got his daughter indicted. This is going to change the way that this household looks. He is going to tell his daughter, “Sorry about that, sorry for getting you indicted, and for getting you signed things you shouldn’t have signed,” but he treated Allen Weisselberg, his financial officer, like Sean Spicer. He told Spicer to lie to everyone about his inaugural crowd and to increase the size of his apartment. There is such a thing as there is a… Daniel Moynihan used the phrase “there are opinions, but there aren’t new facts” because you can’t create facts. He is creating new facts about his square footage and the wealth he owns, and he lies.

He did it all in one go, believe it or not. He’s now able to comb his own hair.

However, viewers who recall Matthews starting Hardball after flirting to a journalist didn’t get a thrill up the legs or other parts of their bodies and instead lobbed some hardballs at the network via twitter such as:

“Get the serial harasser with his s-t eating grin OFF MY TELEVISION.”

“MSNBC — You do NOT get to rehabilitate Chris Matthews in this manner.”

“Why did MSNBC feel the necessity to resurrect Chris Matthews?” “Who has heard his opinion?”

“A plagiarist interviews a serial sexual harasser on peak @MSNBC”

“No, he doesn’t have any business returning.”

“Chris Matthews doesn’t say anything that other people aren’t saying. Why is the rehabilitation tour necessary for someone who has been so terribly wronged? Rewarding bad behavior

“Oh, FFS! Seriously?”

“New wig?”

A few viewers were happy to see Matthews summoned via Joe and Minka’s Ouija board from the Progressive Crypt. One viewer said, “He lost his job and confessed his guilt. He was convicted of his actions and served his sentence. He is not to be trusted. He makes Morning Joe and Company look like light-weights,” another said.

Matthews was a lefty privileged and arrogant who was clipped for a stupid and sexist comment. Matthews, on the other hand was just an arrogant, privileged lefty who knew what he was doing. Matthews was handing out cancellations long before cancellations were a rage. He got roast on his own spit. You can live by the cancel and you can die by the cancellation.