MSNBC Legal Analysts Abandon Fani Willis, Megyn Kelly and Others Share Thoughts

I previously reported on some explosive testimony heard during the Fulton County Disqualification Hearing, including testimony from Fulton County DA Fani Wilis and her Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade.

What are some of the highlights?

Robin Yeartie is Fani Willis’ former friend. She said she knew Willis had a relationship with Wade starting in 2019. This directly contradicts what Willis, and the special prosecutor Nathan Wade, told the Court. Wade then testified and said things I believe many would doubt, such as that Willis had paid him back in cash for the money he spent on trips, but he hadn’t deposited it or kept records.

Willis then testified. She had a breakdown and a freak-out during her testimony. She yelled that Ashleigh Merchant, the defense attorney, was lying about Willis. Even the judge had to take a break because things got out of control.

After the testimony of Yeartie, it sounded as if the legal analysts at MSNBC had given up on Fani Willis. Democrats may have trouble if they lose MSNBC.

Caroline Polisi is a federal attorney who said, “Don’t be fooled by the legalese.”

This is epic. It is monumental. Fani Willis may have lied to the Court if things go in the direction that we believe. She’s out of the game. Um, she will be disqualified if there was a relationship between them before when she appeared in court. It’s a big deal. Like I can’t overstate it.”

The former federal prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg spoke in one of the breaks during the hearing.

He said: “It may be time for Ms. Willis now to think about removing herself from the case.”

She’s dug herself into a hole so deep that it may be impossible for her to climb out of at this stage.

Megyn Kelly, a journalist, was among those who thought Willis had retired.

Remember when Willis preached about the accusations against her being racist?


I believe Willis may have stumbled a little bit here.