More Over Reach By Democratic Governor Who Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine

One of the mistakes Pennsylvania has made in its reaction to coronavirus is closing all of its liquor stores. PA can do this because all of their liquor stores are state-run which sounds a bit terrible. 

Democrat Governor Tom Wolf has moved areas into a Phase One “yellow zone.” This includes the reopening of 77 liquid stores, with limited access for mask-wearing customers. He has essentially opened the wester and northern parts of Pennsylvania, not Philadelphia. 

None of these stores are within Allegheny County, where the state’s second most populous city, Pittsburgh, is located. On Wednesday, the city’s Public Works department filled the West Penn Skate Park with truckloads of sand. They reported, “We take no pride or pleasure in doing that. We had to do what we had to do.”

The Pittsburgh Public Works Director also previously removed the goals on the basketball courts and the nets on the tennis courts, because people were ignoring the closures there as well. Pittsburgh was inspired by California, which dumped tons of sand into a San Clemente skatepark to keep people out, but that didn’t stop the dirt bike riders.

This is a perfect example of government overreach with tons of Democrats in charge at all different levels. Sand was then dumped hours later outside of City Hall surprising many of Pittsburgh’s city employees. The sand was dumped in a doorway at the Grant Street entrance to the City-County building, Downtown.

A light bulb lit up for many in which they investigated into the sand that was dumped in the shuttered neighborhood skateboard park to prevent repeated break-ins. It can’t merely be a coincidence. The Public Safety spokesman Chris Togneri has police investigating what happened but declined to comment on the possibility that the two incidents were related. 

Like the liquor stores, this is just one example of why red states are generally a better place to live right now than blue states. This is happening everywhere with power-hungry Liberals. Back in March in suburban Phoenix, the Queen Creek’s Mansel Carter Oasis Park’s skate park was filled with sand.

The area’s parks were open, just with the social distancing rules. Republican members of the Arizona House of Representatives tweeted, “A shameful display of tyranny in my legislative district this weekend by a rogue bureaucrat. Thankfully, councilman @JMHoffman got on this immediately and the sand is being removed.”

Basketball nets and skateparks are being taken down or destroyed for, you know, everyone’s “safety.” The Queen Creek Town Council returned the nets, unlocked their parks, and posted a sign reading: “Park open, use at your own risk.” And while no one can put two and two together between the sand in the skate park and the sand in Pittsburgh City Hall, what goes around comes around.

Whoever decided to dump sand in skateparks in the first place should be personally responsible for paying the bill that had it done and paying the bill for cleaning it up. How the government has the power to order the destruction of public property is beyond me.