More Biden Emails Leaked

It has been a few days since Joe Biden and his campaign went radio silent – and for good reason too. Emails were recently leaked by the NY Post on connections between Hunter Biden and Ukraine. This included documented meetings with a Burisma associate who was arranging payments to Hunter in exchange for Joe Biden’s name and influence. It’s time the Biden family addresses the American people and outlines the facts. They have used their family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities, even from communist-controlled countries.

The latest email recovered from the laptop is an email to Hunter Biden’s partner from a top Chinese official. The email is dated July 26, 2017, and shows CEFC, a Chinese energy company, proposing a $5 million “interest-free” loan to the Biden family. Any loan over $100,000 requires interest payments, which the Bidens would then have to report on their 709. 

On August 4, 2017, nearly two weeks later, sent Hunter Biden’s law firm a payment for $100,000. The transaction was identified for potential criminal financial activity and furthered the deep financial connection between Biden, Owasco, and the Chinese government. $5 million was then wired four days later, August 8, 2017, from an investment vehicle to a Delaware LLC, which then spent the next year transferring directly to Hunter Biden’s firm.

The deeper we dig into Hunter Biden’s emails, the more we see that this is not a man who was focused on a healthy financial ROI. Hunter Biden was using his father as a political and influential investment. While Joe claims to never talk to his son about business deals, the emails destroy that argument. 

Between the sketchy loans and strange emails, it looks a lot like money laundering to me. Why was the Biden family seeking a $5M interest-free loan from China? It’s pretty simple. China felt like shoveling cash to the Biden family in exchange for his influence on the American people. Joe Biden goes out and pretends that China isn’t a threat or legitimate world power, instead of the communist regime it is. 

More people are coming forward with proof that Hunter Biden was selling access to his dad and profiting off the influence of his political power. When looking at the timeline, Hunter Biden was under investigation by the FBI for corruption at the same time President Trump was trying to be impeached for asking about his corruption. It’s no coincidence when you find out how many well-known members of the media were emailing Hunter. 

Now you know why they were trying to bury it.