More Bad News for Democrats As Voters Continue to Favor Republicans

All the talk this week about how the Supreme Court is destroying democracy, the truth is that democracy favors the Republican Party.

Except for two exceptions over the past week, the Republican Party enjoys a healthy lead in the generic ballot. This goes back to November.

Democrats used the NPR/PBS/Marist poll, which showed their party ahead by seven points last week, to show that the majority of Americans supported the Democratic majority against the “extremists” GOP. However, almost every poll since November has been contrary – and no poll has ever shown a party with a 7-point lead.

Emerson has the most recent poll, which shows Republicans leading by just three points (44 to 43). As always, the devil is in the details.

In 2024, 64% think that President Biden should be the Democratic candidate for president. 36% disagree. 55% would vote for former President Trump, 20% for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and 9% for former Vice-President Mike Pence in the 2024 Republican Primary. There is no other possible GOP candidate that can clear 5%.

Trump has 44% support in a hypothetical 2024 Presidential Election matchup with former President Trump; Biden has 39% support. 12% would vote for another candidate and 5% would not be sure. “Since last week, Trump has maintained his share of support while Biden has lost four points.

Both sides should pay attention to certain key facts in the poll.

59% of voters believe that Congress should pass legislation legalizing abortion in light of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs.

Mixed results were seen at the January 6th hearings. 35% of voters said that it made them less likely to vote again for Trump, 32% said it made them more likely, and 28% said it didn’t make any difference.

Emerson reports that 58% of voters consider the economy their most important issue. This is nine points more than their May poll.

33 percent of respondents say that the high price of gasoline has made it more difficult to travel. This is a third of the respondents. 18% of those who have changed their plans for airfare are concerned about plane travel.

This should inform both parties about their future election strategies. At this point in the election cycle, voters have already made their November choice and, barring any major scandals, it appears that Republicans hold an advantage. There are certain areas where Democrats could make gains. But the problem is that Democrats aren’t paying attention to American voters. They are merely a vocal, far-left base.

Yesterday, I mentioned that Joe Biden’s victory in Biden v. Texas has allowed him to take responsibility for the current immigration crisis at our border. It is getting worse each day. Other polling shows that immigration is the top issue facing voters at the moment. It’s impossible to ignore, no matter how hard the Democrats try. The border is in crisis and the party at power is not doing anything about it.

You’d expect that the Democrats would adjust given their current position in the polls. They don’t seem to be able to govern. They were able to rule by judicial fiat until now – the Supreme Court returned many issues that are important to Democrats back to the states. The Supreme Court is now being attacked by the Democrats, and they are being forced to govern.

This is not a new phenomenon. Barack Obama had complete control over Washington D.C. including a filibuster-proof Senate. He chose to pass the Affordable Care Act, which was a half-hearted effort to reform the healthcare and insurance industries. This only served to alienate American voters. On the campaign trail, he promised to codify Roe v. Wade. He could have passed the Democrats’ gun control bill of dreams. He could have consolidated the Democratic agenda for a generation. He chose not to, as the courts always supported his party.

Now, the Democratic Party and the Biden administration are paying the price. They face a bloodbath during November. It is evident from all polling.