Mitch McConnell Wants to Lose and Stay in the Minority

I have written many times since the midterm crisis that I believe that Mitch McConnell and his inner circle in Senate favor the minority. McConnell seemed to be the only Republican high-ranking official who didn’t seem to care about the party’s poor performance in November.

This is something that I’ve only begun to think about. Let’s take a look at Donald Trump’s idea. We had written about it yesterday.

Monday morning, Donald Trump attacked Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell. Trump claimed that Republicans support the Democrats’ Omnibus Bill worth $1.7 Trillion because McConnell is dirt.

“The Marxist Democrats must have something really big on Mitch McConnell in order to get him and some of his friendly ‘Republican’ Senators to pass the horrendous ‘All Democrat, All the Way’ OMINOUS Bill,” Trump said in a post on Truth Social. “It gives Border Security to other countries, but ZERO $’s to the U.S., it fully funds the corrupt ‘Justice’ Department, FBI (which Rigged the Presidential Election!), and even the Trump-Hating Special ‘Prosecutor.’”

This is an interesting angle I hadn’t known about.

Although Trump’s theory may be interesting, McConnell’s is totally uninteresting in my eyes. McConnell can use his minority status to excuse himself from doing anything that is useful or beneficial to Republican voters.

I’m going to start by clarifying that this story is about two Mitch McConnells. Trump’s Mitch McConnell looked like he and Lindsey Graham had been given a healthy dose of testosterone and partisanship.

Both are invertebrate surrender jewfish.

I had hoped to catch glimpses of Trump-era McConnell in the last two years. McConnell has now left the United States Capitol.

McConnell is the leader of the minority party. McConnell must do what is necessary, which is to stomp on his feet and be a spoiler every once in a while. This will provide him with something to reference when challenged by conservatives.

The GOP’s incompetence in the current election is evident in many instances. This is what makes it so disappointing to again see McConnell.

McConnell ought to have known that he needed to block the passage of the terrible Omnibus Bill, especially after what happened in the election.

McConnell will find a way to win even if Republicans win control of the Senate.