Mike Pence Says He Will Not Testify Before Jan. 6 Committee

Mike Pence, former Vice President, stated that he would not testify before Jan. 6 Committee as Congress does not have the right to.

Pence made these comments during an interview with Margaret Brennan, CBS News. Brennan asked him if he would testify like his staff.

“I have served twelve years in Congress. It’s impossible to me that one party would appoint all members of Congress’ committees. That’s antithetical to the whole idea of the committee system. Pence replied, “I never stood in the path of senior members of my team cooperating with the committee and testifying.”

He added, “But Congress does not have the right to my testimony.”

Pence stated, “We have a separation in powers under the Constitution and I believe it would create a terrible precedent for Congress to summon a Vice President of the United States that speaks about deliberations which took place at the White House.”

“So, you’re closing off that door completely?” Brennan asked.

He said, “I’m closing down the door on it.”

“But I have to say that the January 6 Committee’s partisan nature has been disappointing. Pence said that it seemed at the beginning that there was an opportunity for me to look into every aspect of January 6, and to do this more in the spirit of the 9-11 Commission, nonpartisan, nonpolitical.”

He concluded, “And that was a lost opportunity.”

Video captured that some rioters shouted “Hang Mike Pence” on Jan. 6, and an FBI confidential witness said that the rioters wanted to kill Pence because he did not help overturn the official election results.

Since Republicans hold narrow control of the House of Representatives, the committee will likely be disbanded. The October meeting of the committee unanimously voted to subpoena Donald Trump, requesting that he testify about his possible involvement in the January 6 riots.

Here’s Pence’s video response.