Migrants in Chicago Face Harsh Winter Conditions

Halloween is usually a pleasant occasion in Chicago, with temperatures that average in the mid-40s. Last night, O’Hare Airport recorded temperatures in the 30s with snow showers covering the area with about an inch of snow.

There was no space in any of the shelters.

Last night, migrants slept outside with only one thin blanket. Many of them hadn’t experienced temperatures below 60° or seen snow.

One mother decided she had had enough. She wanted to go back to Texas. One mother had enough and wanted to go back to Texas.

Children are running around in the snow without any shoes or sweaters. Yessika Karolina, 35, asked a mother standing in line.

Venezuela has a Communist government with repressive policies. The economy of Venezuela is in ruins due to the corruption and mismanagement typical of Communists. People have no jobs, very little food, and limited opportunities to improve their station in life.

These wretched people are not to blame for wanting to migrate. Biden is to blame for allowing the mass migration in chaos and incompetence to take place.

Incompetence is the word that comes to mind when describing Chicago’s mayor Brandon Johnson.

The CTA is providing 16 warming buses at the landing site, as well as 16 police district locations between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. while the city tries to increase the number of buses available. ”

Does “warming busses” really represent the best that he can offer? He’s got another plan, which is to build huge tents with heaters to prevent the migrants from getting cold.

Where’s Joe Biden?

Chicago Tribune:

There is no timeline on when the city will build new brick-and-mortar shelters for the over 3,000 migrants waiting for shelter. More migrants are arriving daily from border cities. Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office has received major pushback with each new shelter proposal. They also have faced resistance from residents and aldermen regarding his controversial plan to build heated base camps for migrants to protect them from the approaching winter.

Parents can prepare tents by covering them with a tarp or black plastic bags.

Leaders from Jesus Chicago Church and Christian Hills Church, as well as religious groups from outside Chicago, brought blankets and clothing for children to the event last night.

“However, you feel about any of it, these souls and humans are human,” said Pete Les from Jesus Chicago.

The law is not just U.S.-based, but also international.

In the United States of America children, citizens, and non-citizens should not be allowed to freeze, starve, or live without shelter.

I think we’re a country that is similar to the one I saw the last time.