Vice Mayor Links Blue Lives Matter Flag To Nazis

Mt. Pleasant Vice Mayor Amy Perschbacher publicly apologized over a Martin Luther King Day Facebook post that depicted a Blue Lives Matter flag partially peeled back to reveal a Nazi flag. The blue line was tightly pulled back to reveal the black swastika surrounded by a white circle on a red background. While saying that the meaning of the image was taken out of context, Perschbacher eventually took the post down.

The city of Mt. Pleasant issued a response on their own Facebook page to Perschbacher’s post, addressing concerns over the image and expressing that they do not support the views of this particular city employee.

“The City of Mt. Pleasant does not support the recent Facebook post from Amy Perschbacher, Vice Mayor, to her personal Facebook page. The post was an expression as a private citizen; not as a member of the Mt. Pleasant City Commission. Ms. Perschbacher believes the meaning of her post was interpreted differently than intended,” the message reads.

The post received a ton of social media controversy in the comments section, including requests for Perschbacher’s removal from office. Mt. Pleasant Mayor Will Joseph said that city offices and commissioners were also contacted by those who were offended by the post. They called her a hate-filled anarchist who has been promoting anti-social behavior all throughout Michigan. Perschbacher responded by suggesting that the Blue Lives Matter flags used by rioters at the U.S Capitol building were to cover up for their hatred. While Mayor Joseph reiterated that it does not reflect any thoughts from the city or commission, he argued that it was on her private webpage.

Vice Mayor Perschbacher explained that this was referring to the individuals carrying confederate flags and Nazi symbols in the attempt coup at the Capitol. She also said that she hopes people will forgive her “careless” posting and that she let her emotions get the better of her.

“I didn’t think this through very well. I should have put more context to what I was trying to say. It struck me that they were wrapping themselves up in a flag which reflects respect for police while they were attacking, even killing police. To me, they were using the (Blue Lives Matter) flag to cover up their hatred. At no time was I attempting to disrespect anyone in the military or law enforcement – I have family in both,” Perschbacher said.

Democrats have no measure for their hate speech against law enforcement and those they disagree with. It’s the same politicians talking about unity while trying to tear the respect of our police officers down and censor conservative speech.