McCarthy Claims Biden’s Never Taken His Calls

Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. was furious at President Biden for a report that claimed he had grown tired of “GOP Obstructism” and alleges that Biden refuses to cooperate with Republican lawmakers.

McCarthy said that he had only met the president “a few times,” according to “America’s Newsroom”. McCarthy said that he has never called to inquire. I have tried to reach him numerous times. Did you know that I called the basic public switchboard to inquire about the president’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan? The White House called me to ask if it was really me calling. This was the only time that the president took my call.

According to Politico, Biden has “finally” reconsidered his efforts to reach across the aisle in order to work with Republican legislators due their “obstructionism”.

John Lemire, Politico’s political correspondent, began his piece by declaring that “The fever didn’t break.” Bipartisanship efforts have been abandoned by the Biden White House.

McCarthy stated that he would “love” for Biden to work with him because Republicans want “the very best for this country.” He urged President Obama to meet with him about the border crisis, Title 42 lifting and other issues.

According to Monmouth University’s Thursday poll, Biden’s approval ratings are still low and more than 80% believe the U.S. is in trouble.

According to the poll, Biden’s approval rating was 38% and 57% respectively. These numbers are lower than March’s 39% approval rating and 54% disapproval. Monmouth also found 18% Americans believe the country is on a right track.

Monmouth surveyed 807 Americans between May 5 and 9, reporting a margin error of 3.5%. Each respondent was interviewed by Monmouth via telephone.

Monmouth has seen a steady decline in Americans optimistic about the country’s future. 42% said that the country was heading in the right direction in January 2021, while 51% stated otherwise.