Mayor Adams Draws Fire: Accused of ‘Channeling Trump’ as He Vetoes Bill to Monitor Every Police Stop in NYC

Well, now. Who would have thought it? New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been criticized by his Democratic comrades in the city council after he vetoed a law that would have required NYPD officers to document every “investigative meeting” with the general public. What’s even more bizarre?

Adams finally made the right decision as The Big Apple continued its rotten state.

Adams, at a press conference held on Friday, said that the proposed legislation – known as Intro. The “How Many Stops Act”, also known as 586-A, could affect the response time of the NYPD, undercut community-oriented police work, and increase the NYPD’s budget by tens or even hundreds of millions in overtime.

Adams believes that the new legislation will also force officers to spend less time patrolling streets and more time filling in reports after “Level One” interactions with citizens.

Adams was Adams and twisted his remarks to criticize the NYPD.

My brother and I were beaten in the basement of the local police precinct when we were young. I took my pain and turned it into purpose by joining the police to bring about change within the system.

In my years as a cop and my public service career, I have always fought for transparency, and against abusive police tactics that targeted people of color.

Although Intro.

The Democrat NYC Council Members aren’t buying that.

Adams continued — and now, he is being sensible.

This bill will drown our police in paperwork, causing taxpayers to pay tens or even hundreds of millions in extra NYPD overtime every year. It will also take officers off the streets, preventing them from engaging with our community and policing it.

This is why I vetoed this bill today. I ask my government colleagues to work with us to improve public security because New Yorkers expect their police to be on patrol, taking criminals from our streets and keeping everyone safe.

Here’s more:

In December, the bill was passed by the Council. It was co-sponsored with New York City’s Public Advocate, Jumaane Williams. The NYPD would be required to record and report basic information about level 1, 2, and 3 investigative encounters between police and civilians. Officers will report the race, gender, age, and ethnicity of the person approached as well as any factors that led to the interaction.

NYPD Commissioner Edward A. Caban said in a press release that the NYPD was already “the most closely watched, scrutinized, and transparent law enforcement agency in the country.” He called the legislation “an excess that could have the unintended result of literally slowing the city’s development.”

Every day and every night, NYPD police officers continue the dangerous but critical work of combating crime in the streets. The NYPD has also foiled terrorist plots, and our officers are now more committed than ever to building trust and strengthening relationships within each community. These vital efforts must and will continue unhindered by bureaucratic, time-wasting tasks. That is what New Yorkers deserve and expect.

Under our leadership, crime has continued to decrease, with a decline in indicators such as murder, burglary, and assault. In the past year, NYPD officers have reduced shootings in New York City by a factor that has not been seen for nearly 30 years. As of this week, index crimes have fallen another 5 percent in New York City compared to the previous year, and an amazing 74 percent since three decades ago.

Williams, one of the bill’s sponsors, accused Adams of “fearmongering”.

Mayor Adams’s Trump mania makes it even harder than necessary.

Cute, but ridiculous. Crime in NYC continues to rise, as it does in most other large Democrat cities. The city jails could also be revolving doors as violent criminals who commit crimes of violence are released repeatedly back onto the streets.


Liberal hypocrisy is evident in the vetoed bill and the histrionic response of Democrats who oppose it. Democrats in the NYC city council would rather play “Let’s Catch a Cop Abusing a Suspect” than show concern for NYC’s escalating crime rate.