Matthew McConaughey Shares Video Calling For Bipartisan Gun Reform

Matthew McConaughey shared a message on gun reform via social media Friday.

As he continues to raise awareness about gun laws, the “Interstellar” star uploaded a black-and-white video of Camila Alves and her husband visiting Congressmen and President Biden.

The video started with “This is and was gun responsibility.” “Camila met with more than 30 members from both parties. We met with the leaders of the Senate and House, as well as the president.

The actor said, “This is about mental and physical health, safer schools, and keeping guns out the irresponsible arms that, according to rule of law, still possess them today.”

McConaughey is seen with his wife, Nancy Pelosi (D-California), talking to various government officials in the video.

The video concluded, “For ourselves, for our children, Republicans and Democrats, as well as our fellow Americans,… it’s high time to take responsibility.”

McConaughey visited the White House in June to make an emotional plea for gun ownership reform during a press conference.

The actor, 52, is from Uvalde Texas. He was born there and killed 19 students and two teachers in May 24, when Salvador Ramos, 18, shot at Robb Elementary.

McConaughey stated that gun ownership should not be considered partisan, arguing that people in power have failed “to act.”

He said, “We need background checks,” while speaking from a podium and proposing changes to the outdated gun laws. “We must raise the minimum age for purchasing an AR-15 rifle from 21. These rifles should be kept in storage for a period of time. Red flag laws are needed and there should be consequences for those who misuse them.

“How is it possible that these people’s lives have been lost?” He reflected. “We must recognize that it appears something is different this time.”

McConaughey stated that it was crucial for elected officials from “both sides of the aisles” to communicate with one another in order to find solutions for the American people.

“We are now in a window that offers us a chance to make real change. He said that this window seemed like it could bring about real change and real change.

He said he remembered learning about responsible gun ownership while growing up in a small town in south Texas, approximately 80 miles from Austin.

McConaughey stated that “responsible gun owners” are fed up with the Second Amendment being misused and hijacked “by some deranged individuals”. He suggested that “both parties see the political problem above their own.”

He said, “Let’s get to the common table that represents America.” “America, you and I — we’re not as divided as people tell us we are. No.”

Uvalde’s shooting is the third-most deadly school shooting in American History, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the Virginia tech shooting.