Man Who Tackled Lee Zeldin Attacker Enraged That Suspect Was Immediately Released Under NY Bail Laws

Joe Chenelly tackled a man who attacked Republican Lee Zeldin at a campaign event in New York Thursday.

Chenelly is a candidate for New York State Assembly. He claimed that he followed Chenelly up the stage. After trying to punch Chenelly using a weapon, he finally took him down.

Chenelly said that he could see what appeared to be a razor and knife on Friday.

“As he attempted to swing again, I tackled him from behind and slammed him to the ground. We were able to restrain him and remove the weapon. ”

Chenelly, along with others, kept the attacker at bay till police arrived.

He said that the man didn’t show any warning signs before climbing up onto the stage.

David G. Jakubonis was arrested for attempted assault in the second degree. Jakubonis had been released by police within hours.

Zeldin (Republican nominee for governor) tweeted that Jakubonis had said “you’re done”, before Friday’s attack. Zeldin predicted the suspect would be freed immediately.

Chenelly said he was upset to hear about Jakubonis’ freedom and that Jakubonis wasn’t in a good place.

He stated, “Unfortunately, it’s very similar to the policies that have been seen in New York State, which have led to surges in crime and violent crime.”

Chenelly, who is the executive director for AMVETS, spoke with Jakubonis. Jakubonis believes he has a mental disorder. He also believes Jakubonis might be a U.S. veteran.

As a veteran advocate, it struck me.

“It indicated that the man was suffering from a mental disorder. “