Man Accused of Sexual Assault, Torture and 4 Murders Gets Released from Jail on Bond

A Michigan man accused of killing his mother, stepfather, and ex-girlfriend after being released from jail on bond has been charged with a fourth murder.

According to FOX Detroit, Jonathan Welch, a Detroit resident, allegedly killed Natayla Morse, 24, prior to his original arrest in June. Morse was found dead on June 4, 2022.

Prosecutors claimed that Welch had killed Morse using blunt force trauma to her head. Then, he stole her car and set fire to it. He was also charged with three other murders in the weeks following the killing.

Wayne County prosecutors claim that he attacked and sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend just days after Morse’s death. The ex-girlfriend allegedly strangled, attacked her with gasoline, and burned her legs and arms with a metal spatula. He then tried to sexually assault her by using a pole.

Investigators were told by the victim that Welch had wrapped the cord around her neck, strangled her, and then released it. She also claimed that Welch heated the spatula on the stove before placing it on her arm.

Welch was taken into custody for the alleged torture, and assault, and was released on a $100,000 bond.

He allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend days later and then barricaded him in his mother’s house and shot at responding officers. Authorities claim that he set fire to the house and then killed his stepfather and mother.

Welch is expected in court on Friday.