Major Theater Chain Succumbs to Pressure from LGBTQ+ Activists

AMC Theatres claims to be the “largest theatrical exhibitor in America and the world.” With over 100 years of experience, one would think the company has the power to show any film it wants. In a normal world, that would be true. But these days the Rainbow Mafia rules, and the mob will put AMC back in line if it goes against the narrative.

No Way Back: Gender-Affirming Care is the latest example of Pride Cult censorship. A press release stated that the film takes a “non-religious and non-ideological” look at gender-affirmative practices in medicine, as well as the side effects and risks of transgender hormones and surgeries.

No Way Back was produced by California Democrats, including LGBT activists. The documentary won awards from 10 film festivals. Megyn Kelley also gave it high praise.

In the same press release, AMC Theatres announced that No Way Back was to have a world premiere on June 21, in theaters all across the United States before its DVD and streaming releases next month. But not so fast. This time, the Rainbow Mafia is back, and this time it’s in the form of a group named the Queer Trans Project. They took to Instagram to protest the film. AMC finally caved into the pressure.

“We did it!” The Queer Trans Project praised the community’s quick action on Instagram. “Our community’s rapid action is a testimony to the power and importance of advocacy, as well as raising our voices against harmful material,” they said. Your collective efforts have had a significant impact and the decision to remove No Way Back from AMC theatres is a move towards creating a more welcoming and respectful environment. “Thank you for your commitment and dedication to creating positive changes.”

But the producers have retaliated. On the homepage of the website, there is a message that says: “We have been canceled!” “AMC theaters were forced to cancel the dates by intolerant, illiberal, and histrionic IGNORANT loudmouths, who had not even seen this film! DO NOT LET THEM WIN!”

Deplorable Films’ website has a longer statement, including:

We will respond to those who have made careless claims in response to recent calls to cancel screenings of an important film.

The film is called ‘Right-Wing,’ which is so absurd that it borders on libel. Some of the filmmakers are gay or have gay children. They are lifelong Liberal Democrats. We ask any critics to provide evidence that they or this film is ‘right-wing’.

The film does not have a negative view of transgender people or sex-change surgery. Instead, it features trans people who speak out against the recent surge in powerful drugs and major operations that have caused more pain and suffering in the last decade than they have prevented.

Deplorable Films compared the Queer Trans Project with a “theocracy”, and concluded the statement by saying, “We stand behind our filmmakers.” This production house is to be commended for refusing to back down.

This is bullying. It’s not even a question of whether or not it is acceptable to expose children to LGBTQUGH material. Deplorable Films sets a good example by refusing to back down. No Way Back, the film that will soon be released on DVD and streaming in July, will allow people to witness this important message.