Mainstream Press Strains Credibility Defending Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal

Hunter Biden, in a Tuesday filled with news, pled guilty to two misdemeanors for not filing his tax returns and he accepted a pre-trial deferral for a firearm charge that would have landed him in prison for many years.

Instantly, comments began to pour in describing the “sweetheart deal” as an offer. Jonathan Turley said that it was like “ticketing the getaway driver” following a bank robbery. Some people suggested that the DOJ broke its own protocol by giving out such a blatant slap.

The mainstream media outlets, however, take the opposite stance. CNN, MSNBC and other outlets are playing the clean-up crew and declaring that the deal is fair. They also suggest that Hunter Biden will be free of all alleged charges relating to influence peddling, monetary corruption, and foreign nations.

Fact-Check: All available evidence indicates that this is a sweetheart agreement. When you’re caught on video distributing illegal drugs (even something as dangerous as crack cocaine), while holding a firearm that was obtained illegally (because the man lied on federal forms), it escalates things and the DOJ won’t back down.

It’s simply not true to say that it was not a sweetheart agreement. Hunter Biden and his lawyers received treatment not usually available to ordinary Americans. If you were caught doing what Hunter Biden did, which included taking prostitutes out of state, you would be jailed. This is not to mention corruption-related crimes.

But the stupidity did not end there. MSNBC was the winner with several comments that were beyond belief.

It’s rare because most people wouldn’t be dumb enough to video themselves breaking the law. Hunter Biden filmed himself breaking the law, and after that became public knowledge, it was only a matter of time before he was arrested. If that was your laptop, it would be in jail now. You wouldn’t get a favorable deal with a DOJ who has you on death row.

Last but not least, we have this.

What is being said is untrue. Technically, the investigation into Hunter Biden continues. He has therefore not been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing with regard to his foreign dealings and influence peddling.

It is up to the media to draw that conclusion, even if there is no evidence. They want this to be swept under the rug. They are so desperate to cover this up.