Louisville Riots After Decision With Breonna Taylor Case

The riots have already begun in the streets of Louisville where Kentucky Attorney General, David Cameron, announced that the 3 Louisville Police Department officers connected to the shooting of Breonna Taylor would not be charged. 

The charges were only against one officer, Brett Hankison, with three counts of wanton endangerment. This is a class D felony which only has a sentence between 1-5 years, if convicted. The other two officers’ actions were justified in firing back. Hankison, however, fired a way that went into another apartment. 

Breonna Taylor’s death has been one of the many mischaracterized police brutality cases being used by the radical left. It has been a way to justify violence throughout the nation and create a further divide between political parties. 

The Mayor of Louisville called in the National Guard and issued an emergency declaration after the announcement. Members of the National Guard and Louisville Police Department blocked off certain areas of the city to keep the protesters contained and to minimize rioting.

People began crowding outside the courthouse and moving in crowds through the neighborhoods of East Louisville near the apartment building where Taylor was killed. BLM protesters marched past Louisville police cars and officers, yelling threats and insults at them. Protesters shouted things like “All y’all get ready to f***ing die!” to police officers and “if we didn’t get it, burn it down.” They then marched outside of the barricaded zone in Louisville and shut down traffic in an intersection.

People then stormed a restaurant and began throwing tables and chairs on the outdoor patio. Several videos on Twitter show people banging and smashing on windows while business owners guard their stores. They were screaming “no justice, no peace” even though the charges against the officers contravene the facts. They don’t care about justice, they just want a battle. 

A crowd of hundreds confronted a police line in riot gear and the scene in Louisville turned violent. The police officers can be heard chanting “move back” as they attempt to push back stragglers from the crowd. Two officers were shot over the announced charges in Louisville, Kentucky. Multiple arrests were then made after Louisville PD declared the protests an “unlawful assembly.” Anyone who failed to disperse was subject to arrest. 

It’s refreshing to see a bit of law and order in the cities again. Agitators need to be arrested early on and taken off the streets, otherwise the momentum just builds and builds…then it’s not a protest, it’s a mob.