Louisiana Governorship Flips to Republicans, Stunning Democrats

Louisiana’s “jungle primary” for governorship ended on Saturday. In a repeat of the 2016 election, Democrats were stunned by a Republican victory. Jeff Landry won the race for Attorney General with 52% of the vote, eliminating the need to hold a run-off election in November.

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards was in office for eight years but had to resign due to term limits. Shawn Wilson was the top Democrat candidate on Saturday, and he only garnered 26% of the votes despite consolidating Democrat backing.

USA Today headline “Republican Jeff Landry Reclaims Louisiana Governor’s Office In Staggering GOP Victory”. The New York Times regrets that Jeff Landry was elected as governor of Louisiana. CNN calls Landry a “hardline conservative”.

It is normal to expect Republican wins in a country where the Democratic Party has failed so terribly. An alien invasion, horrendous foreign policy failures, inflation out of hand, crime out of hand, and corrupt Democrat officials are all enough to give a GOP victory wherever they run.

Since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision last year, the abortion issue has been responsible for Republican losses. From the Red Trickle in November 2022 to the conservative Ohio Special Election held in August that set up a constitutional amendment pro-abortion.

Since Democrats are so proud of “our sacred democracies,” it is hard to see how they could argue against locals voting to protect unborn babies. Democrats are not known for their logical consistency.

The Democrats have failed so badly in government, that even abortion may not be enough. Since Biden took office, American households have lost one-fifth of their purchasing power. Criminals now control the streets and are driving businesses away, leaving residents with little money to buy food or medicine. To make matters worse, the Biden Administration lavishes tax dollars on foreigners who come from the Third World.

Their eyes have been opened by the failures of an old, weak man in his foreign policy. Leftists may have disdainfully viewed their country and its leaders in the past, but the White House’s weaknesses have opened their eyes to the reality of the world when America is not a superpower. It’s frightening. The old U.S.A. may not be as bad as you think.

Landry’s victory also foreshadows what could happen in 2020, since Donald Trump is the front-runner candidate. Landry’s spring campaign released a 15-second video where the candidate can be seen standing beside Trump as the former president sings praises for Landry.

Maybe old Orange Man Bad wasn’t as radioactive as before.

Now, as invigorating as Landry’s win is, conservatives shouldn’t get too cocky going into 2024. “Despite [outgoing Democrat Gov.] Edwards’ two victories, Louisiana remains largely dominated by Republicans,” notes CNN. “The GOP has won the last four presidential races in the state by between 17 and 20 points, and the last Democratic presidential nominee to carry Louisiana’s electoral votes was Bill Clinton in 1996.”

But while that may have explained a Republican win in a November run-off, it’s still noteworthy that Landry skated to victory in the jungle primary. He dominated the race and consolidated Republican support early on. It’s the exact opposite of the unnecessary drama Republicans in the House are working through at this time as they struggle to elect a Speaker. The moral of the story is an old one: united we stand, divided we fall. (In the case of the 2024 general election, Trump has unified support and dominated the field from the beginning. Meanwhile, it’s not even a given that Democrats will be able to drag Joe Biden’s desiccated carcass across the finish line in 2024. Advantage: Republicans.)

Landry’s victory in Louisiana, where abortions were almost completely banned last year, shows that abortion is no longer a major issue for women to vote Democratic. It’s scarier to drive an hour to another State to abort your child.