Lone Star’ Filmmaker John Sayles Admits to Urinating on Trump’s Border Wall in Protest

John Sayles says he doesn’t believe a wall will solve the problem.

Ted Cruz calls Biden’s “window dressing” about Biden’s change of heart on border wall.

Ted Cruz (R Texas), Sen. Ted Cruz responds to President Biden’s change of heart about the border wall. Ted Cruz also criticizes the way the administration handled the border crisis.

John Sayles, a Hollywood director, said that he “urinated” on the southern border wall of the United States in protest against former President Trump.

Sayles talked to The Guardian on Monday. Sayles called the border wall lame and said that border issues had not improved since he made a film about them 30 years earlier.

The director was nominated for an Oscar and won the Oscar for the drama “Lone Star”. Chris Cooper played the Texas sheriff who investigated the murder of Kris Kristofferson. Kris Kristofferson was a former White racist Texas Sheriff.

John Sayles, a former Trump aide, told The Guardian that he had urinated at the border on the wall.

Sayles, in his reminiscences of the film decades after its production with The Guardian, said that he visited the border recently with a friend. Sayles stated that the border area seemed more “tense than when he shot it.”

Sayles stated, “I do not believe we have made any progress since the production of the film on border issues. “There wasn’t that same tension back then.”

He said the border guards’ strategy to keep out illegal immigrants would be to say “Don’t force me to run” and then deport them.


On the 5th of December 2023, migrants fled a hole being repaired on the border wall in Lukeville Arizona.

He then attacked Trump’s border security plan, which was at the heart of his election campaign. “I don’t think that a Wall is the Answer. It’s like an expensive Christo installation.”

Sayles stated, “I visited the site with a friend and we urinated there.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection calculated that there have been 7,298,486 Southwest border encounters in the Southwest since Biden was inaugurated in 2021.

The number is larger than 36 U.S. States and would make New York City the second-largest city in the U.S.

Eric Ruark of Numbers USA’s Immigration Restriction Advocacy Group Research blamed Biden for the surge. According to him, this unprecedented surge in illegal immigration was not a mere coincidence. Biden made deliberate policy decisions.