Liz Warren Says She’d Be President If She Had a Penis

Senator Liz Warren (D.Mass.) said, “Everyone comes to me,” Ali Vitali, NBC Capitol Hill correspondent, said that everyone comes up to me on a plane heading to New Hampshire’s primary. “And says, ‘I’d vote for you if you had a penis.'”

Hillary never hears this.

Vitali was able to “take a seat at the table on a key issue in the Democratic primary in 2020.” According to POLITICO Magazine, her new book explores the question “Why haven’t we had a woman in the White House?”

It’s a 3900-word excerpt, which Politico published on Friday. Let me spare you, and let me tell you about the highlight.

Warren explained that she was responding to people’s needs, and spoke clearly with a distinctively sharp voice. Sometimes she spoke as if all her frustrations and annoyances about the political system were simmering right on the edges of her words, almost like it was threatening to overflow.

We had discussed the dynamics of Iowa and her competitors, and the pressure she felt to not “fail this up.” But now, she offers her most direct view: “Everyone comes up and says to me, “I would vote for you if you had a penis.”

“Alex,” I replied, “I’ll take Things that Never Happened for $400, please.”

POLITICO ended their excerpt from Vitali’s Electable with Why America hasn’t put a woman in the White House… yet.

Warren’s absurd, untrue, and unbelievable claim is left unchallenged like her pure theoretical penis.

Warren could get a penis at any time, given the current state of medical technology.

Let’s pretend, sorry! Just a second, Warren’s current theoretical penis was made real.

This would make her an even more electable candidate.

What would a penis do to fix her “characteristically biting edge” in her voice?

Is there something about having a penis to have stopped the “deeply authentic” candidate from claiming, “I’m going to get me a beer!” on Instagram during her faltering presidential campaign?

Is there a special magic to the Y chromosome that stops people from making easy-to-disproved claims about Native American genetics?

Would it be possible to forget Liz Warren’s sex life if she had a penis?

The Oder that she received hefty salaries to teach part-time Ivy League positions, which were possible partly because of her faux Cherokee heritage

Warren would be able to feel authentic and loved by a penis if she had one.

No. It doesn’t apply to everything.

It’s not why Warren and other women can’t be elected president. Why do Democrats attract so few female candidates?