Liberal Media Bias Is Alive and More Embarrassing Than Ever

The main players (The New York Times and The Washington Post) have changed the way they do business. Over the years, how major players (The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.) have acted has changed. Although it’s been there for a long time, it was more subtle. It would be fun to discover new patterns and tricks, especially for the Times.
All that changed when His Holiness the Lightbringer Barack H. Obama was elected president of the United States.

It was revealed that the semi-secret relationship between liberal bias and the MSM was open to the public. The Lightbringer was a smitten child in the White House press corp. When writing notes about him, they began to cross their i’s by adding hearts. For eight years, it was one nauseating public display after another of affection.

The bias has not been covered up by the MSM since then, even though they insist it does not exist.

With President LOLEightyonemillion still in office, it’s been really weird. It must be exhausting to have to support the brainless loon at the Oval Office. As Biden’s health deteriorates, so do the mainstream media flying monkeys who try to pretend he isn’t.

Yesterday, Mr. Green wrote a piece that illustrates just how absurd it has all become.

What’s a respected newspaper to say when Presidentish Joe Biden creates a surprise burger order to brag about the economy?

Gush like a schoolgirl apparently.

Biden, an elected official who cannot order lunch without becoming political, called a local restaurant to order a hamburger with braggadocio.

They’re crazy because Sir Sniffsalot ordered hamburgers. The headline of the post was a great choice. It featured the trademark VodkaPundit snark: Biden Orders Bacon Burger, Washington Post Wets itself.

It gets more bizarre as it does with everything that has to do with this typea/sorta presidency. VodkaPundit has more:

Invisible Constituent, a brilliant handle in this case, wrote the most accurate reply: “Everyone should be insulted at how stupid this administration thinks that you are.” This tweet is so disgusting.

Everybody, that is, except the Washington Post.

Tim Carman, food reporter, had a 850-word puff piece prepared for WaPo’s Wednesday morning issue.

Although I wouldn’t expect any hard-hitting politico exposés from any newspaper’s food reporter to be forthcoming, a little less gushing would be appreciated.

It doesn’t matter that this was written in the name of a food reporter. This could have been headline material written by an “investigative reporter” in our age.

Leftist media hackers love to write about Biden doing everyday tasks. It’s all part and parcel of the “Let’s pretend his brain hasn’t left the building” ruse.

Biden is a product that they truly believe the public wants. They feel like they are giving a slow child a star on the refrigerator for completing a simple daily task.