Let’s Pretend This Isn’t Good News…

Here goes another Liberal’s credibility…not that many of them have much to start with anyway. MSNBC’s television anchor Rachel Maddow has outdone herself again. From the wild speculations and Twitter rumors as she pushed the Russia collusion hoax, Maddow will do or say just about anything to take President Donald Trump down. The only problem to this is that she has zero truth to back up any of these wild claims.

Maddow lost any credibility she had during the Russia hoax era, where she even revealed a big tax return that revealed nothing on Trump and just plain embarrassment for her. You would think her audience, or even the show itself, would’ve learned something by now. But the left-wing activists and their platforms will stop at nothing to push nonsense and tout it as “facts.”

She outdid herself again, being 100% wrong with no facts, when she made the worst prediction of the week on TV by saying today’s job numbers would be “absolutely terrible.” The ironic part of it all was that the numbers weren’t terrible, they were actually historic. 

Initial estimates by “experts” had job gains at 2.9 million. The real number turned out to be 4.8 million jobs added as the unemployment rate dropped to 11%. Sectors that saw large gains included retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services. These improvements reflect the continued resumption of economic activity that had been curtailed in March and April due to the coronavirus. 

Of course, this hasn’t stopped the media and Democrats from trying to pretend like this isn’t good news like the Washington Post, who posted the job numbers but then predated a “new coronavirus surge” from it all. Truth is, Dems will attempt to re-close their states but most of the residents won’t listen anyway. Commerce will accelerate. It’d be nice if the media just reported the numbers but that won’t happen anytime soon.

“Today’s announcement proves that our economy is roaring back. It’s coming back extremely strong,” President Trump said in a news conference after the numbers were released. He also pointed out a sharp drop in unemployment for African Americans from 16.8% to 15.4% and a historic record in job growth for Hispanic Americans and women as well. 

Historic numbers but also what Maddow calls “terrible.” I’d love to know how she still has her show but some Democrats just think it’s terrible when America does well because they’d rather us suffer so that they can win another election. They deal with emotions and feelings; facts have never played a role in their reporting. I’m sure the media will just do what they always do. Disregard the job numbers report for June and go on to the next lie.