According to the Breitbart Doctrine, politics flows downstream from culture. This is based on the fact that members of Congress and the Biden Administration have access to the same internet culture.

Right-wing meme creators created the “Dark Brandon” memes by merging “Let’s Go Brandon” and “DarkMAGA” trends into one meme. Original “Dark” memes depicted former President Donald Trump as an unhinged, edgy comic book hero. The right used the meme as irony to depict President Joe Biden who is largely considered too old for office. Twitter has since deleted the #DarkMAGA hashtag and no DarkMAGA memes can be found in search results. Twitter believes SuperTrump isn’t suitable for public consumption. This is especially true since Biden’s government officials have been out in force pushing their cartoon of a president.

Alarm! Dark Brandon now faces cultural appropriation, exploitation by the ruling classes… or something. This meme was adopted by the left, not just internet trolls or people whose salaries are paid by American taxpayers. Dark Brandon was tweeted out by Rob Flaherty (White House Director of Digital Strategy), Andrew Bates (Deputy Press Secretary), and Chris Murphy, US Senator from CT.

The timing of the Dark Brandon tweets by Dem officials suggests that they are celebrating the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act in the Senate. This was already a huge celebration with cheers and applause after Vice President Kamala Harris won the tie-breaking vote. The federal government is taking a victory lap for allowing itself to spend more taxpayer money. However, they are looking for ways to make Weekend at Bernie a success and revive Biden’s declining popularity.

The Dems must market this administration as viable, rather than feeble, expensive, and awkward, in light of growing concerns about the midterms and their ability to push budget reconciliation bills down Americans’ throats.

They came up with a meme to make fun of Joe Biden’s incompetence, use it to celebrate congressional expenditures, and have federal officials try to troll Twitter users while the right’s original versions get censored. Yep. Yes.

Let’s Go, Admin!