LeBron James Bluntly Responds to Elon Musk’s Twitter Verification Plan

NBA star LeBron James is one of the people you better believe who will lose their verification on Twitter starting April 1.

Last week, the social media company announced that it would “start winding down our legacy verification program and removing legacy verify checkmarks” starting April 1.

Subscribers have the option to keep their blue checkmark, which verifies that the account is verified, for $7 per month on an annual plan, or $8 per month on a monthly program.

James announced on Twitter that he will not be spending the money necessary to verify his identity.

James could still keep his checkmark if the Los Angeles Lakers participate in Twitter’s Verified Organisations program.

The company says that the program offers both gold and non-profit companies checkmarks as well as other features, while governments receive gray checkmarks. For an additional fee, affiliates of these organizations can also get verification through this program.

Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, stated in a tweet that “any individual’s Twitter account associated with a verified organization is automatically verified.”

James returned to court recently after 13 games of inactivity due to a tendon injury to his right foot.

James stated to reporters that he considered surgery after being diagnosed by doctors.

He replied to a question regarding why he hadn’t had surgery by saying, “Because I went the LeBron James to my feet.” “And he said to me that I shouldn’t.”

The Lakers are currently 38-38 and still hold the ninth spot in Western Conference. This would allow them to play in the NBA’s playoffs.