Leaked Audio Reveals Biden Dismissed Police Reform On Civil Rights Call

    In leaked audio excerpts of a virtual meeting with civil rights leaders, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris led a discussion about executive power, police reform, and his cabinet appointments. They were less than enthusiastic about conversations regarding executive action and brushed off police reform talk before Georgia’s Senate runoffs.

    When talking about how civil leaders wanted to accomplish these policy goals, Biden pushed back saying he only wants to use his power to undo everything President Trump did in office. Looks like he’ll be moving at the same speed he did in the Senate. What happened to all of the “change” the radical left had been talking about before the election? Seems like they hired the wrong guy for the job.

    The call had several civil rights leaders, including Rev. Al Sharpton, Rep. Cedric Richmond, and the NAACP’s Sherrilyn Ifill. They wanted to use his executive action to institute civil rights reforms and investigations. Biden argued that he wouldn’t violate the constitution and allow it to set up a dangerous path for future administrations. He didn’t want the “next guy” to come along and undo everything.

    Biden said that the Constitution is the only hope they have in undoing everything President Trump has done by executive authority. He goes on to bash the way the Democratic Party goes about enacting change on a number of issues without providing any real or alternative solutions.

    Radical progressives such as Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Chuck Schumer have called on Biden to use his “executive powers” on issues such as civil rights protections, student debt cancellation, raising the national minimum wage, and prioritizing the climate and clean energy.

    NAACP President Derrick Johnson also warned Biden against appointing Tom Vilsack as secretary of agriculture. He said this would anger Black farmers in Georgia who still consider Shirley Sherrod a hero. She had worked as Georgia director of rural development for the U.S Department of Agriculture during the Obama Administration. She was fired which turned out to be a mistake and based on an incomplete airing of an Andrew Breitbart video. Johnson called the nomination “disastrous,” which Biden quickly dismissed.

    “I also don’t think we should get too far ahead ourselves on dealing with police reform in that, because they’ve already labeled us as being ‘defund the police’ anything we put forward in terms of the organizational structure to change policing — which I promise you, will occur. Promise you,” Biden said.

    He also warned leaders about turning down the rhetoric in how they implement police reform ahead of the Georgia Senate races which will determine who controls the Senate. He argued that the GOP “beat the living hell out of us” during the election with the “defund the police” movement.

    This comment angered Black Lives Matter leaders who were promised change in exchange for voting on a Biden-Harris ticket. Members were unhappy after finding out that none of the movement leaders were invited on the call regarding civil rights issues.

    “The night of their victory, we sent @joebiden and @kamalaharris a letter requesting a meeting. It has now been 32 days and we have yet to receive a response. To set up a meeting with civil rights leaders, without BLM, is unacceptable,” BLM tweeted.

    The same people fall for the same Democrat lies every election cycle. It shows exactly where their priorities are at.