LA Driver Speeding Through Intersection Kills 5, Including Pregnant Woman, in Fiery Crash

According to reports, five people were killed and eight others were hospitalized in a fiery car accident that occurred in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon.

Six to seven vehicles were involved in the crash, with three of them setting themselves ablaze. It took place at the intersection of South La Brea Avenue, and Slauson Avenue, in the Windsor Hills neighborhood of West Los Angeles, at 1:30 p.m., KTTV-TV reported.

The fire and crash that followed killed a pregnant woman, her unborn child, an infant, and two adults.

Officials believe that a Mercedes-Benz traveling at a high speed caused the crash.

Two vehicles were seen on the scene, one in each half of which appears to have been smashed into a pole.

Eight people were sent to the hospital, and their injuries are not known.

A California Highway Patrol (CHP officer stated that the scene looked almost like a war zone to reporters.

According to the CHP, the Mercedes driver was seriously injured in the accident.

Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office will likely be charged.

Chris Cristi, a helicopter reporter at KABC-TV, posted a video showing the Mercedes exploding as it plowed through an intersection.

Los Angeles Police Department didn’t immediately respond to our request.